'A time for fond remembrance'
Is what 'Dan Webster' has to say,
About the day we set aside,
And fondly call, Mother's Day.

While you're remembering Mama,
She's remembering too.
All the things in a mother's day,
She has had to do!

All those two o'clock feedings,
That often last till four.
Diapers, formula, and colic,
Pacing up and down the floor.

Guiding you through each new step.
Understanding each new word.

Juggling her career,
With Barney and Big Bird!

Putting on band-aids,
With a kiss to make it better.

And if SHE feels the slightest draft,
She'll bundle YOU up in sweaters!

Although she had to scold you,
For ruining her new rug.

She always would forgive you,
With a tender loving hug.

Christmas morning she can be found,
Knee deep in paper and toys!
Holding up rather nicely,
Despite all the mess and the noise!

Losing you in Penny's,
Finding you in Sears!

Nightmares, spooks and monsters!
Kissing away your fears.

Nursing you through fevers,
Measles and the mumps.

Skinned knees and "skeeter bites",
And all your lumps and bumps.

Chauffeuring you to lessons,
To parties and to games.

Watching you play all your sports,
Even when it rains!

Tricycles and bicycles,
Then your first new car.

Worrying and wondering,
Just where on earth you are!



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