Helen Ulrich {unidentified} Barbara Ulrich

Until the discovery of this photograph,(A Weinstein & Levin Portrait, 2170 Second Ave.NY) it was believed that Barbara's sister Martha died in Tromann Hungary, however, could the woman in the middle of this photograph taken in New York be Martha?
On the back the woman in the middle is identified as 'girl friend". Anyone remember stories of a close NY friend of Helen and Barbara?

Ernst Zinki, Barbara Klaschka, Charlie Klaschka, seated is Helen Zinki baby Ernest and Jule Klaschka.

Helen Zinki & child
(Fred'k Weber-Jamaica N.Y.)

Barbara and Helen Ulrich
(Weinstein & Levin Portraits 2170 Second Ave. NY)

Henrietta Heider(?) Henrietta and Karl Wenzl Klaschka On their wedding day November 24,1878
This picture is 126 years old.
{R.Zapper - Kunst Ateher "fun Photograph"}

Seated: Adam and Anna Ulrich
(Barbara's Mother & Father)
Standing: Unidentified (perhaps Barbara's Aunts)
(photograph has no identifying markings)

Julius Klaschka

This is believed to be 'baby' Helen

A young and dapper Albert Klaschka
Photos in excellent condition for being 100 years old.

The Ulrich Homestead
(if you look on the left hand side by the fence you will see a pregnant Anna, a girl next to her and a boy to her right. Barbara was one of 16 children, the children must be her younger siblings that died from TB.

Adam and Anna Ulrich

Brothers George and Dave~~Sisters Edith and Alice

Rose and Lee Klaschka Ruth and George Olsen

Angela and Jule Klaschka Edith and Dave Klaschka

Gerry and Al Klashka Bobbie and Bill Phillips


Albert had one brother:
Julius born 1/24/1879
He married Leopoline Meixner 8/28/1906
They remained in Vienna Austria

Albert had one half sister:
1-Amalia Maria Klaschka 2/28/1892
She may have remained in Vienna or had died young since no other information is available on her.

Albert had two half brothers:
1-Alois (Aloys) Klaschka:
born: 6/21/1890-10/9/1974 in Vienna Austria
Alois married Maria Ganster 1/7/1928
They never left Vienna, Austria

2-Richard Klaschka:
born: 9/24/1894 Vienna Austria
died: 5/17/1973 Brooklyn N.Y.
Married:Susanna Louisa Kern (8/29/1897-2/18/1971)
Richard came to America and lived in Brooklyn N.Y.

Richard and Susan Klaschka had one son:
1-Walter Richard Klaschka:
Walter was born 6/3/1919 in Queens and died 1/25/1991in Ridgewood N.J.
Walter had no children
Barbara was one of 16 children. It is believed only her mother Anna and her sister Helen came to America. The only two other sisters we were aware of were Gretchen and Martha and are believed to have died in the 'old country'.

Helen married Ernst Zinki and lived in New York. They too had 9 or 10 children. Some of the photographs may also be Zinki related.

I have included the name of the Studio the photographs have been taken at whenever possible. Good Luck and have fun! Be sure to e-mail us with any guesses or further clues.

Clue:Taken in Landskron has to be Klaschka kin. Judging by the age of photo I would think this could be Albert's niece, perhaps daughter of Julius, or his half sister Amalia?

Could the boys in the picture be Richard and Alois?

Clues:Picture is a "Josef Bohm Studio Fotograf" in Landskron.
Pencilled on back of photo is written: "I think it is to of the Sano kids."

Could this be Richard Klaschka (Albert's half brother seated) and his son Walter Klaschka (standing)? The man standing is without a doubt a Klaschka.
Clues: Taken by A F Mueller 2196 Third Ave "near 120th St. New York." Richard came to America

Taken in New York
This is a post card and the picture may not be related. The writing is in German

This is a worn snap shot. There is writing on th back in german that would probably identify the couple.

This came in a heavy card board envelope from: "Ubs: Marie Lahola,
Tchlosserei, Landskron Bohmln(?),
Post marked 5 21 1927
addressed to: Herra Albrecht Klaschka
Allendale New Jersey USA
In the corner is "Ynlwilt: Bilder"

Taken in New York. Man looks like a Klaschka. Those kids are freaking me out! Anyone see the original 'Village of the damned'??

This was taken in NY. My guess is the man is kin.