Al was born 4/14/1917 in N.Y.
He died 3/10/1972 in Mass.
Al married Margaret {Gerry} Jameson DOB 2/16/1921
On 8/26/1939
Al and Gerry had three children:

1)Joan Klashka Weldon

Joan was born 8/6/1940 in Mass.
Joan married Robert James Weldon 9/23/1961
They currently reside in Mass.
Joan and Robert had two children:

1)Sandra Ellen
Sandra was born 8/7/63 in Mass
Sandra was married to Michael Spencer from 1983-1988
Sandra and Michael had one child:
Amanda Spencer
Amanda was born on 1/31/1986 in Mass.

Sandra married James Brett Houlihan on 5/3/1991
Sandra and James had two children:
1)Ryan James
Ryan was born 9/17/1992 in Mass.
2)Olivia Elise
Olivia was born 1/11/2000

2)Mathew James
Mathew was born 3/27/1968
Mathew married Denine Douglas on 9/28/1991
Mathew and Denine currently reside in Mass.
They have two children:
1)Douglas James
Douglas was born 3/22/1993

2)Adam Robert
Adam was born 11/16/1997