Wenzl and Henriette had two sons:

Julius Alexander Klaschka

Born: 1/24/1879 in Vienna Austria


Albert George Klaschka
aka Albrecht Georg Klaschka

Born on 4/24/1884 in Landskron Bohemia
Died 1/29/1974 in New Jersey. He was 89.

On 5/1/1884, According to Roman Catholic
Rites, Albrecht Georg Klaschka was
christened. His godfather was his uncle
Julius Heider.

Albrecht's mother died a tragic death
when he was only four years old. He was
shuffled from one relative to another
until his father, Charles W. (Wenzl Karl)
Klaschka married Amalia Kosnarch (Kosnar)
in Vienna Austria.

Amalia Kosnarch Klaschka
4/28/1868 - 1/31/1952