Once upon a time, a long, LONG time ago,
in a far away land called New Jersey,
there lived a little girl named Gloria
who lived in the pretty white house
her daddy built.

Glory liked to ride her scooter, but...
she wished she had a baby 'sisser' to
push her around the yard so her legs won't
get so tired!

Oh, her daddy gave her piggy back rides
when her legs got too tired, but what she
really wanted was someone to push around.
I mean, to push her scooter around!

As the world celebrated the first day of
summer, Glory celebrated the arrival of a
beautiful baby 'sisser'! Their parents named
her Barbara Ann, but Glory called her Bobbie!

Oh! Glory was so excited! She couldn't
wait for her 'baby sisser' to get bigger!
So she'll have something besides her ball
to kick around!

But Glory's plan backfired! Now Bobbie
was getting rides from daddy and she was
still on foot! Glory thought 'Well,if you
can't beat 'em, might as well try giving
this playmate thing a shot!

They loved playing school together, Gloria
liked being the boss, I mean, the teacher!

This 'PLAYMATE'   thing ain't half bad!
  They had such fun growing up together!
Once they even rode all the way to a place
called Patterson on a big smelly ol' bus to
visit Santa. They asked Santa to bring them
a baby brother, but they got dolls instead!

In the summer, Daddy would pack up the ol'
Dodge and drive all the way to Ocean
Grove. At night they walked on the board
walk to Asberry Park where they would ride
the carousel. Bobbie was quite the ham!

Then one hot Augest day the stork delivered
the baby brother they asked Santa for!
Seems that they were just asking the wrong person!

Oh they were quite the envy of the
neighborhood! They loved showing off their
new baby brother!

Now Glory's family was complete! She had
a Mommy and Daddy and a brother and 'sisser'
to boss around! I mean, to take pictures of
when they went to the shore together!

The Partridge Family we were not!
but we did have our fun!

Christmas time was always special at their
house and there was always something lovely
under the tree!

And so concludes the story of our early years! What ever became of Glory and Bobbie you ask? Well........

The years flew by, Bobbie and Glory grew up!
They got married and had children, and now
their children have children! That makes them
Grandma's! But, Do you know what? They are
still the bestest friends! And are living
happily ever after!