Nights are long since you went away

I think about you all through the day

My buddy, My buddy,
My buddy, quite so true.

Miss your voice, the touch of your hand.
Just long to know that you understand.

My buddy, My buddy,
Your buddy misses you.

Nights are long since you went away.
I think about you all through the day.

My buddy, My buddy
My buddy, quite so true

Miss your voice, the touch of your hand,
Just long to know that you understand

My Buddy, My buddy
Your buddy misses you.

Dear Goliath;
I will never forget the day I brought you home. You were so tiny, you fit in the pocket of my jacket!

You were to be a surprise for the children. You were still snoozing quietly in my pocket when I arrived home, but the children were bursting with news from their day and I forgot all about you until I felt you squirming.

When I reached into my pocket, I realized you had 'wet'. Your fur was soaking wet and all matted down. When I pulled you out and the children screamed thinking you were a dead rat or something really yucky! I said, 'It's just a puppy! His name is Goliath. Surprise!?!

Since my son and my father are both named David, I named you Goliath. David and Goliath! Get it? From the Bible? Oh that's right, you can't read!

But you could sing! Oh, did you love to sing! Every time one of us had a birthday you'd chime in and sing right along with us! David's little boy Colin had his first birthday October 3rd, and we all wished you could sing to him with us one last time.
Christmas time you loved to sing 'Jingle Bells'! I think you loved the fire whistles the best. You'd sit up, hold your head high and howl your little heart out! The neighbors weren't impressed, but you didn't care!

It was David's responsibility to feed you. I remember the day he forgot. I kept reminding him to put some food in your bowl, but he kept putting it off till finely YOU took matters into your own hand.. or should I say paws. You marched into his room with your bowl in your mouth and dropped it smack dab on his feet! That got his attention and you got fed!

You were part Collie and I always said you were part Lassie. You could hear our cars coming long before they could be seen. You'd alert us to 'the bad guys' with your quiet growl, and always alert us to a ringing phone if we were out of ear shot. Why, one night you put you paws on my back and shook me till I woke up because my beeper went off!

Sometimes we wondered if you knew you were a dog or actually part cat! You preferred cat food to your dog food and when a new kitten came into our lives, you'd cuddle with it and care for it as if it were your own.

Remember the rule 'NO PETS ON THE FURNITURE? Well, you seemed to think if you couldn't see us, we couldn't see you and if we'd walk into a room and find you on the sofa, you'd hide your head under the cushion with your tail and back side wagging, as if to say: "Ha ha! You can't see me!"

We'll be looking for you when we get to heaven. Wait for us by the Rainbow Bridge. We will never be apart again. We will have eternity to run and play.



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My Buddy
Words: Gus Kahn
Music: Walter Donaldson 1922