This history of the Klaschka Family has been created for anyone who has
ever been asked: "Where did your ancestors come from?" Or maybe you
have even wondered yourself. We have all heard bits and pieces of our
ancestral background over the years. Now, thanks to the efforts of many
family members, we have been able to put these pieces together to the best
of our ability and have created a family tree from the earliest obtainable
Klaschka on record to the latest addition.

When the renowned barn on the Klaschka property burned down to the
ground in the mid to late 1930’s, many family possessions, including
cherished photographs, were thought to have been lost forever. However,
when Albert Klaschka passed away in 1974 and the Klaschka house was being
cleared out to be put on the market, a box containing the photographs that
were believed lost in the fire, was discovered in a space above the summer
kitchen. Some photos are believed to be over one hundred and forty-five years old.

To the best of our ability, we have tried to put the correct name to each face.
Other family members have been instrumental in providing additional
photographs in order that we may create a pictorial history of our family.

This family history will contain only information concerning Albert Klaschka's family
and the offspring’s of the Klaschka-Ulrich union.

Regrettably, documentation about Barbara Ulrich Klaschka's Hungarian family
is unattainable. With the exception of her mother, Anna Ulrich and her sister,
Helen Ulrich Zinke, and a few unidentified photographs, most of her family and
siblings succumbed to tuberculosis before she came to America in 1904.
In a conversation with her granddaughter Gloria, Barbara answered when
asked about her sibblings, "one day I had brothers, the next day I didn't"

The Ellis Island Data Base @ was instrumental in
helping us trace the paths of Albert and Barbara from 'the old country' to the
day they arrived in America.

Thanks to the generosity of their two surviving daughters, Barbara Phillips and Ruth Olsen,
Albrecht Klaschka and Barbara Ulrich's names have been inscribed on
'The American Immigrant Wall of Honor' at Ellis Island.

It took a tremendous amount of courage and determination on the parts of
Albert and Barbara to venture out into a strange new world in quest for a
better life. This is something we can all be proud of and should try to live our
lives by their example in their honor.

'Baby Helen'
{The sister and aunt we never knew.}


The Tromann Hungry Ulrich's
Helen Klaschka
Barbara and Albert Klaschka
Charles Klaschka
Ernest Sr. and Rose Klaschka
Alfred E. and Gerry Klashka
Jules and Angela Klaschka
Ernest Klaschka III
Ruth and George Olsen
Donald D. Klaschka
George and Dorothy Klaschka
David and Edith Klaschka
Herbert Klaschka
Barbara Klaschka

Your memory is a keepsake,
From which we'll never part.
God has you in His keeping,
We have you in our hearts.


Charles Wenzl Klaschka
aka Wenzl Karl Klaschka
Born 12/31/1856 in Landskron Bohemia
Died 5/23/1915 in Vienna He was 59.

Charles W. Klaschka was the son of Wenzl Karl Klaschka, a laborer
and Rosalia Klaschka of Bersdorf Parrish, Landskron Bohemia.

On 11/24/1878
Charles [Wenzl Karl] Klaschka, a machinist,
From Vienna 11, 68 Hauptstrasse.

Married the daughter of Winzenz and Maria Heider
Of Landskron Bohemia

Henrietta Heider

Born 3/18/1858 in Landskron Bohemia.
Died 3/4/1887 in Vienna at the age of 29
In the Republic of Austria, Province of Vienna

Wenzl and Henriette had two sons:

Julius Alexander Klaschka

Born: 1/24/1879 in Vienna Austria


Albert George Klaschka
aka Albrecht Georg Klaschka
Born 4/24/1884 in Landskron Bohemia
Died 1/29/1974 in New Jersey. He was 89.

On 5/1/1884, According to Roman Catholic Rites, Albrecht Georg Klaschka was christened. His godfather was his uncle Julius Heider.

Albrecht's mother died a tragic death when he was only four years old. He was shuffled
from one relative to another until his father, Charles W. (Wenzl Karl) Klaschka married
Amalia Kosnarch (Kosnar) in Vienna Austria.

Charles and Amalia had a son, Alois Klaschka. Alois had three children: Volkhart, Margarete and Dorothea. Dorothea had a son Stefan Kowarz who, as of 8/9/2016, lives in Vienna, Austria. Stefan recalls hearing stories about the emigrant half-brothers (Albert and Julius) when he was a child. We hope to learn more about Albert's half brother's family.

Amalia Kosnarch 4/28/1868 - 1/31/1952

Albrecht had a very hard life and didn't get along very well with his stepmother.
At the ageof 10 he became a barber's apprentice, which was a common practice
in those days. At the age of 14, when boys in his country were considered "men",
Albrecht moved to London England where he taught himself to read and write
English as he worked as a barber.


At the age of 20, Albrecht boarded the Philadelphia in Southampton Southampton-shire England, UK.
He arrived at Ellis Island 10/29/1904.

{Albert as a young man.}
In America he is now known as Albert. He lived in boarding houses while
getting himself established in New York City and began a career as a cable inspector.

Barbara Ulrich
Born 2/21/1886 in Tromann Hungary
Died 2/18/1969 in New Jersey
She was 83


The Ulrich Homestead in Tromann Hungary
From Tromann Hungary, a young Barbara Ulrich, one of approximately
16 children, bravely boarded the "Kroonland" at Antwerp, Belgium, at the
age of 18 and traveled to America with hopes of earning enough money to
send for her remaining family. She arrived at Ellis Island 5/10/1904.
Barbara also lived in a boarding house in New York City where she obtained
employment as a cook and cleaning woman. Apparently she was being overworked
and mistreated by her employer. One day she caught the eye of Albert, who later
recalled their meeting as "love at first sight"! He knew he just "had to get his 'Babette' out of there" and...........
On October 28th 1906, they were married.

Albert and Barbara Klaschka

Albert and Barbara purchased a home on 1236 Frost Avenue, Richmond Hill, Long Island New York and began their family:

Karl [Charles] Klaschka

Born 12/11/1907 in New York
Died 12/5/1977 in Poughkeepsie, New York
He was 70

Julius Klaschka

Born 5/9/1909 in New York
Died 11/27/1985 in California,
He was 76

In 1910, Barbara traveled back to Hungary with her two children, Charley 3
and Jules 1 1/2, under the name Babette Klaschka.

She intended to bring her sister Helen and their mother back to America with her.
Ellis Island records show a 60-1/2 year old Anna Ulrich arrived on a different ship
on 11/20/1910. Barbara and the boys returned 11/4/1910 on the Pensylvania.
We believe Anna had been detained.

Anna Ulrich

Barbara's sister Helen Ulrich was also detained, but she had been refused passagedue to illness.

Helen and Ernst Zinke

While being detained she met and later married dock worker Ernst Zinke.
They arrived in America 6/19/1911.
Their mother alternated living with Barbara in New Jersey and Helen in
New York until her death. Another sister, Martha, died in the old country before
Barbara could 'save' her.

Seated: Adam and Anna Ulrich
Standing: Unidentified


Ernest Frederick Klaschka
Lee was born 8/20/1912 in New York
Died 9/22/1960 in New Jersey
He was 48

Helen Klaschka
Helen was born 1914 in New York
Died: 1916 in a New York hospital
[specific dates are unavailable]
Helen contracted diptheria and scarlet fever and died when she was only
two years old. Her mother Barbara spoke of her as being a bright child
who was learning to speak both German and English. In the hospital her
last words to her mother were in German: "going home mama?"

Believed to be Helen shortly before she passed

George Albert Klaschka
George was born 5/4/1915 In New York
Died 11/27/1995 in New Jersey
He was 80.

Alfred E Klashka

Al was born 4/14/1917 in New York
Died 3/1972 in Massachusetts
He was 55.

David Klaschka
Dave was born 1/15/1919 in New York
Died 8/2/2008 (on sister Barbara's 84th birthday) in New York

Ruth Alice Klaschka
Ruth was born 2/25/1921 in New York

Barbara Martha Klaschka
Bobbie was born 8/2/1924 in Patterson N.J.

Herbert Ralph Klaschka
Herb was born 5/4/1929 in Patterson N.J.



Barbara Klaschka Phillips,Gloria Klaschka Pease,
Barbara Klaschka Marsh,Sheila Klaschka Kubrock,
June Klaschka Bell
Dorothy Klaschka
David and Edith Klaschka
Gerry Klashka Melendy
Betty Klaschka
Walter Klaschka
Walter is Albert's half brother Richard's
son. An investigation to locate an heir to
his estate uncovered much of the early family
history we have included.

PLEASE NOTE: The text and dates in this KLASCHKA FAMILY HISTORY were obtained from various sources. To the best of our knowledge, we understand it to be accurate.
It is also our understanding that as of July 2001, no one has expressed any objection to participating in our endeavor. Any incomplete information was unavoidable and any errors we may have made were totally unintentional.





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