'Christopher's Christmas Dream'

by:Angelina T.Collins
The Photo News

          John Palmer and his wife Daria have a 20-foot Santa at the end of their driveway holding a banner that says, "Christopher's Christmas Dream".

The Palmers entire front lawn is lighted with festive decorations, including choir boys, nativity scenes, Santas, reindeer and snowmen. Their home is filled with 50 trees decorated in 50 different themes, including a Mickey Mouse tree.

Son Christopher and his parents decorated their home for the last 20 years. Only within the past five years have they opened it to the public. Last year they had about 6,000 visitors sharing their love for Christmas.

The Palmers usually begin their labor of love in early September--that's almost three months of decorating. And that only includes the outside and the upstairs of their home. The downstairs stays in the Christmas mood year round.

Prominently displayed in the basement are the Christmas villages put together by Christopher.

Christopher loved his villages and it showed.

It was his personal collection. He had over 400 homes in his collection, which also included skating rinks, train sets, people and numerous other accessories.

Nearby is a special tree. It contains ornaments and special memorabilia from Christopher's life.

It's a tree of life. A tree of memories and dreams.

For John and Daria, Christopher's tree has a special meaning.

Their beloved son, who shared their love for the Christmas season and energetically joined them in the holiday decorating, died unexpectedly in his sleep last year while away at collage.

"Christopher's Christmas Dream" lives on and Christopher's Tree and his villages will be a key ingredient of a special season the family loved and shared with others.

The Palmer house is located on:
Helms Hill Rd.
Washingtonville, NY 10992

You can do a 'door to door search' on the internet for directions from your house to theirs.

Merry Christmas and God Bless