The Story of Ann Frank

By: Julie Antona

Hello, my name is Anneliese Marie Frank, You may know me as Anne Frank. I was born on June 12,1929 in Frankfurt Germany. My parents are Otto and Edith Frank. I have a older sister Margot. We are a well respected family with many friends of many nationalities and faiths.

I am like any other teenager. I like going to the movies, vacations at the beach, swimming, playing ping pong, ice cream, history, greek mythology and boys.

There is one boy I am fond of, his name is Peter Wessel. I think someday I will marry him. I have many friends. My best friends are Lies, Sanne and Jopie.

I dream of some day going to the United States of America and become a glamorous cinema star in Hollywood. But most of all I love to read and write. I hope to be a famous writer some day.

My father moved us out of Germany to Amsterdam, Holland where he felt we would be free from Nazism in the summer of 1933. He set up a business on 263 Prinsengracht called the Dutch Opekta Company that sold the powder used to make jelly.

In may 1940, Hitler's armies invaded the Netherlands. All the Jewish families were forced to live under Nazi rule. In March 1942 Margot and I were transferred to an all-Jewish school. All Jews had to wear a yellow star of David on our clothing at all times.

The freedom we once had was quit restricted. We were forbidden to ride bicycles, trains and cars, given limited shopping hours and a curfew. We were forbidden to enter places of entertainment, forbidden to play sports and forbidden to visit our Christian friends.

On my 13th Birthday my Mummy and Daddy gave me a red and white plaid diary. It was the best gift of all. I thought it was an odd idea for someone like me to write a diary. Who is interested in what I had to say? But, "I want to bring out all kinds of things that lie buried deep in my heart."   I thought of my diary as a friend and named it "Kitty".

The Nazi police sent a call-up notice for Daddy and Margot for their deportation to a concentration camp. We went into hiding in the secrete annex in Daddy's office building. Daddy had been secretly storing food clothing and furniture in the annex for over a year. We wore all our cloths and left early in the morning to avoid suspicion. I brought my diary, hair curlers, handkerchiefs, school books, a comb and old letters.

Mr. Koophuis and Mr. Kliman took over Daddy's business and Mrs. Gies brought us news and supplies. They helped us remain in hiding but if they were caught they would be arrested and shot.

Our friends Mr. and Mrs. Van Daans and their son Peter joined us after starting the rummer that we fled the country.

There was never enough food, and most of the time it was moldy or rotten. On special days like birthdays, Mrs.Gies would bring cake and sweets.

We listened to the radio and heard about the war. As bad as things were for us, others jews had it so much worse and I felt bad for them. I knew at any moment we could be caught. I knew the Nazi's were bringing Jews to camps and some were taken to gas chambers and killed. Yet I was hopeful that we would not be caught and that we would be liberated. I was anxious to resume my life and looked forward to going back to school in September.

I made the best of our life in the annex and remained positive and hopeful the entire time. I spent my days reading magazines and studying school books. I wrote many essays and short stories about my hopes and dreams for a better world and still believed there was good in all people. I shared my inner most thoughts and feelings with "Kitty."

On August 4th, 1944 a new employee of Daddy's business told the Nazi soldiers where we were just get a reward. We were all arrested and taken to concentration camps. Margot and I were separated from the others. We were moved to three different camps. We were treated poorly and we saw many starve to death while others died of disease. Out of the eight of us who hid in the annex only Daddy survived. Margot and I died of typhus only two months before the liberation of Holland.

After the war Mrs.Gies gave Daddy my essays and diary that she recovered from the annex. Margot had also kept a diary but it was lost. Daddy had them published in my memory.

My diary has been published in 20 different languages. My stories and essays have been made into books. There have been many books, movies and plays about me and my life. I am known to many people all over the world!

In a strange way my hopes and dreams have come true and I have become a cinema star and famous writer. My life and my thoughts have become an inspiration to many. This makes me happy.