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Little Ernie Meantwell was not his real name, but for the longest time, Little Ernie Donaldson thought it was.

You see, every time little Ernie tried to do something right, it almost always turned out wrong, and someone would say; "Little Ernie meant well!"

Little Ernie loved to help Mother and Father with chores. Sometimes he was so eager to help he would often mess things up. But, Little Ernie meant well!

One day little Ernie saw a big spider crawling on the kitchen window. He knew mother would be frightened if she saw it. He rolled up a news paper, aimed it at the spider,and swung it as hard as he could. SMASH! The window shattered into many pieces! But, little Ernie meant well!

Father needed a rope to bundle up some newspapers. Little Ernie knew there was some hanging from the pole mother's clothes line was attached to. Little Ernie pulled and pulled until SNAP! All of the clean clothes fell to the muddy ground. But, little Ernie meant well!

Little Ernie loved shopping days! Mother always let Little Ernie have a ride on the carousel in the front the store after all the groceries were packed. Little Ernie couldn't wait for his ride! He thought that if he helped the time would go faster.

But, when he picked up a big bottle of apple juice, it slipped out of his hands! Splash! Splat! But, little Ernie meant well!

Little Ernie couldn't eat a meal without spilling something. Every time he set the table he always dropped something. But, little Ernie meant well!

Although Little Ernie meant well he felt bad about himself. One day mother found Little Ernie in his room crying. "I'm a bad boy," he sobbed

Mother put her arms around him and said; "You are not a bad boy! You just make mistakes. It's o.k. to make mistakes. We learn from mistakes. You see, you are not bad, you are just learning!" Mother gave Little Ernie a big hug because she knew Little Ernie meant well!

Little Ernie felt much better abouthimself! Some times he still did some things wrong, but he learned how to do a lot of things right!

Most of all, he learned that even when he did make a mistake, Mother and Father still loved him. After all, Little Ernie meant well!