"Pop, can we live in a people house?"
Asked little Marven Junior Mouse.
"Son, when I was a lad, just like you,
I wanted to live in a people house too!

This rusty ol' can was as cold as ice.
And a people house looked warm and nice!
I would dream I had my own mouse bed,
And dreaming little mouse dreams in my head.

My Pop said I'd get hurt in a people house.
But I did I listen? Not me, Marvin Mouse!
I just packed a sack and was on my way,
Got to the house on Christmas day.

I found a way in through a crack in the wall.
And scurried all the way down the hall.
When I turned the corner, what did I see?
A room full of goodies and a big shiny tree!

Crumbs on the floor, crumbs on the chair,
Where ever I looked there were crumbs everywhere!
I was as happy as a mouse could be!
Until I saw that scarey ol' ca stairing me!

His eyes how they glared, so mean and so scarey!
I knew he could swallow me up like a cherry!
I had to move fast! I couldn't be slow.
Turned around fast and away I did go!

I ran up a tree trunk and hid on a bough,
Clear out of sight and in no danger now!
But I heard a loud sound, I started to dread,
Then this big glass ball fell on my head!

I was covered with glass from my head to my feet!
And a big metal hook was stuck in my seat!
I jumped out of the tree onto my belly
Right into a big bowl full of jelly!

I was so scard, I just wanted to go home!
I vowed never again from my home will I rome!
I ran down the hall, past that scary ol' cat
And made my escape through a little mouse crack.

I so was happy to be with my mouse family!
And my family was happy to see me.
That is my story, now take my advice.
Houses are for people. Not for us mice!"