E. Bunny
Hippity Hop Lane
Bunny Land, U.S.A.

Dear Little Friend,

Spring time brings wonderful things,
Daises, Birds and Butterfly wings.
Fuzzy baby chicks so cute and funny.
Even me, The Easter Bunny!

Soon I will leave my Bunny hutch,
To visit my friends that I like so much!
I'll hop hop hop on my bunny feet,
And bring you lot of Easter treats!

Colored eggs of green yellow and blue.
Jelly beans and chocolate, all for you!
Soon I will be dusting off my Bunny tail,
And hop hop hoppin' down the bunny trail!

You won't know when I am at your house.
Because bunnies are as quiet as a mouse! Easter morning you'll wake up and see,
Lots of Easter surprises for you from me!!

The Easter Bunny!