When my attempts to sell my second car failed, I found my self with two cars and two monthly payments. I hoped to trade them both in on one brand new one and stopped off at the car dealership on my way into work.

I knew the weather forecast was calling for snow that day, but it was April, it wouldn't amount to much or last too long. Besides, I'd be home in plenty of time before it was to begin anyway.
It's amazing what some salesmen will do to make a sale!  He moved so fast my head is still spinning! Before the ink was dry on my new car's contract, he had a tow truck picking up the second car, transferred the registration and insurance from my present vehicle to the new one, arranged for a loan, prepared all the necessary forms and was to personally deliver my 'brand spanking' new car the following day and take my old one with him.

Everything was going as planed until it began to snow earlier than expected. It was an unusually heavy snow. Trees and wires were down all over, the snow plows couldn't keep up with the massive snow fall making it a treacherous drive home. I thought I would never make it home without wrecking my trade in!

I honestly don't know how I made it down that long un-plowed road to my apartment building through over a foot of wet snow. I was constantly swerving to avoid fallen tree branches without getting stuck.

I pulled in to my assigned parking spot and trudged through the deep heavy snow to my front door. The moment my hand touched the door knob I was suddenly overwhelmed by a feeling of danger. Someone or something was trying to tell me to move my car. The last thing I wanted to do was to walk all the way back and get into that car!   I seriously doubted if I'd be able to move it at all, but I just couldn't ignore this feeling. I tried to move it to the empty spot my other car been just a few hours earlier, but it only moved a few feet when it got 'hung up' on something underneath and just wouldn't budge another inch leaving me stuck in the middle of the parking lot. I trudged through the heavy wet snow back to my apartment sure that I would need a tow in the morning.
My son Dave's girl friend Kim, choose not to make the treacherous trip home and was staying over. As she greeted me at the door and I heard myself saying "Move your car!"

Not one 'oh mom, you're just being paranoid', or the old 'nothin's gunna happen' spheel.'   Without a moments hesitation Dave left to move her car. He too got 'hung up' on something and had to leave her car next to mine. I called my neighbor and told him about this strange feeling and suggested he too move his truck, but I could tell he thought I was nuts. I must admit I had my doubts about my sanity myself at that point.

The following morning I looked out my window and gasped! I threw on my coat and ran down the stairs and out the door. When I reached the parking lot, I froze in my tracks! I couldn't believe my eyes! I kept repeating, "Oh my God!" over and over. Three large branches had snapped from the weight of the snow and landed on all three of the parking spots our cars WOULD have been had I not listen to that "little voice'. My neighbor, who chose not to heed my warning, wasn't as lucky, and his truck was seriously damaged. Who's the crazy one now!

I was surprised to see Kim standing next to me quietly starring at the spot her car would have been in total disbelief.   She looked up at me and said; "I removed the collision coverage from my car yesterday! I would not have been covered at all if we hadn't moved it!"

Even stranger, neither one of our cars was 'hung up' on anything after all and were easily moved! When the salesman arrived with my new car later that morning, I told him how close I came to loosing my two trade-ins. He was certain I had a guardian angel watching over me!
When I was at my insurance agent's office to pick up my new insurance card I told him the story. As he looked the card over he said, "I'd keep keep listening to that guardian angel if I were you! Look at this! My secretary must have punched in the wrong date, you're trade in wouldn't have been covered either!

Imagine! All three cars would have been damaged without a lick of insurance to repair either one of them if I hadn't listened to that "little voice"! Was this the work of my guardian angel? I truly believe that there is no doubt this was in deed a 'Divine Intervention'!

Yes, I believe in angels!