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Four days before Christmas 1989, Zella, a co-worker who I only knew on a casual basis, approached me. "Do you like Elvis?" She asked.

"As a matter of fact, I do, but why? Did you see him at Denny's?" I quipped.

"No, but it's just as strange." Zella went on to explain. "Last night, I found some pictures of Elvis my sister gave me ages ago, and my first thought was to give them to you, but darned if I know why."

With tears in my eyes and a pain in my heart I replied , "I think I know why. I believe that you are my Christmas Angel!"

"When ever my brother Don wanted to do some thing really special for me, he would give me some sort of Elvis memorabilia. I think he just gave me pictures of Elvis for Christmas!"

"You see, Don passed away and was buried yesterday. We often talked about the after life and wondered if there was a life after life or not. We promised each other that who ever "goes" first, would send a message to the other to let them know what it's like! I believe I just got my answer. These pictures are heaven sent!"

Zella handed me the large folder and with a tear in her voice said, "I thought some greater power was at work here, Merry Christmas!"

When I looked inside I found four pictures three newspaper clippings, and a 8x10. I studied every inch of the pictures looking for some sort of validation that this was indeed a message from Don but found nothing.

I placed the folder under the tree with the other gifts. It warmed my heart to see my son proudly show his friends the gift Uncle Don sent us from heaven.

During the days and weeks that followed, I began to wonder if this was just wishful thinking and in my grief I made it out to be more than the coincidence it really was. Was it that I just needed to believe it was a message from Don?

Ironically, the moment I started to disbelieve, I began to experience the unexplainable.

Many times, I would detect a strong sent of cologne and or smoke, accompanied by an overwhelming sense of a presence and a feeling of peace and well-being. Some times I felt some one tapping my shoulder, only to find no one there!

I was relieved to find I wasn't alone. For about a week and a half, my youngest son was always finding the station on his radio had been changed to Don's favorite and was sure 'Uncle Don came to hear some tunes!' Once my eldest son came out of his room absolutely livid! "Mom, I told you not to smoke in my room, and don't tell me you didn't, I smell your perfume too!" I smiled and told him, "Go back in your room, You've got company!"

Even my sister, the skeptic who was sure I was imagining everything, told me she and her kids had smelled cigarettes and perfume in the upstairs hallway. "I think there might be something to this after all." She later confessed. "Do you think it was Don?"

Eventually I learned that everyone who was close to Don had similar experiences and would say quite emphatically, "I KNOW he's in a better place!

I can't count the number of times I looked at those pictures over the months that followed, yet while sitting in Don's 'spot' at the kitchen table showing my parents my 'heavenly gift', I saw something I hadn't seen before.

The 8x10 was apparently an enlargement of a snap shot of Elvis singing to a little girl at one of his concerts. Directly above the little girl's head was an image of a mans face looking directly at me!

.^. . . . . ^.
Don. . .Immage

It bore a striking resemblance to Don! Now, what are the chances of that I ask you!

I knew in that instant that my first instincts were right, and I had indeed received a heavenly Christmas gift and Don had kept his promise. Thanks Don!

In Loving Memory

Donald David Klaschka