Gloria Dianne's


Recipes in Rhyme!

My family loves my cooking.
They say it can't be beat!
I cook great meals in no time flat!
My secrete is........I CHEAT!

We have to eat, but no time to cook!
Does this ring true with you?
The kids, the job and the internet,
There's better things to do!

The microwave is convenient,
But home cookin' it is not!
I've got a bunch of recipes,
That'll really hit the spot!

There are products on the market,
That'll make cooking a cinch!
I can show you some short cuts
That are helpful in a pinch!

Try out all my recipes!
They're easy, good and fast!
You will find that when you cheat,
Cooking can be a blast!


In a bowl put 1/2 cup Bisquick mix,
Four eggs and 2 cups of milk,
Add a soft stick of margarine and
Blend till it's as smooth as silk!

You can add some bacon bits,
Broccoli,ham or cheese,
Spinach, peppers, onions,
Just anything you please!

Pre heat your oven to 350*
Pour in a 9" un greased pan or dish,
Bake 50 minutes, or till center's firm
Serve warm, this dish is delish!


In a skillet brown a medium onion
With 1pound ground turkey or meat,
Drain any excess fat, add a cup of ketchup,
Simmer a bit, Put on buns and eat!

Sloppy Glo's can be messy.
You might feel like a slob!
What better time to serve it,
With hot buttered corn on the cob!


Take a pound of stew beef,
That's been cut in hunks.
If your prefer, Chicken breasts,
Just cut it up in chunks.

Pour a 16oz can of tomatoes,
In a 4 quart pot
Add water till it's filled,
About a quarter from the top.

Add a 16 oz bag of frozen stew veggies,
And the meat into the pot. Bring it to a boil,
Till it's pipping HOT!

Add 4 Chicken or Beef Bullion cubes,
To the boilin' brew, or just salt to taste.
Cover, let it simmer 15 minutes of so,
I's so good it won't go to waste!

Now this might go over much too well!
If you run out you'll be in trouble.
If you need more than 4 8 oz bowls
Just take this recipe and double!


Prepare one box of rice pilaf,
According to it's directions.
Add a chopped onion while boiling,
Will make this dish perfection!

When it's done, pour in a bowl,
Add wedges of a tomato or two.
And 2 cups of cooked turkey chunks,
Toss and serve, that's all you do!

This makes a nice light meal,
You can substitute with chicken!
Either way, hot or cold,
This dish is finger lickin'!


Make a Pot of spaghetti,
The amount is up to you!
Now while it is boiling,
This is what you do;

In a skillet brown one pound,
Of turkey or ground beef.
Drain off any excess fat,
The rest is really neat!

Pour in 2 cans of mushroom soup,
And one can of milk,
Flavor to taste with garlic salt,
Now stir till smooth as silk.

let it simmer in the pan,
Until it's nice and hot.
Serve over that spaghetti,
It will really hit the spot!


Take one pound of stir fry beef,
Or chicken if your prefer.
Brown in a wok or skillet,
Add soy sauce to taste and stir.

Then you add a 16 oz bag
Of frozen veggies, chinese style.
Stir quickly till mixed together,
Let it simmer for just a while.

Serve it on a nice hot bed,
Of what else. . Instant rice!
Now you have a chinese meal,
American style.....How nice!


Take a whole cut up chicken,
Put it in a large stew pot.
Add a jar of Chunky spaghetti sauce,
Now be sure to cover the pot!

Let it cook an hour,
Over a medium flame.
Whip up instant mashed potatoes.
So easy it's insane!


Wash and core six green peppers,
In a bowl add one pound of beef ground up.
Add one cup of flavored bread crumbs,
1 egg, some salt, then mix it up.

Add a cup of tomato sauce and mix.
The rest is up to you!
You may add 1 small chopped onion,
And a cup of uncooked instant rice too!

Stuff the peppers with the mixture,
Place them in a large stew pot.
Add a 16oz jar of spaghetti sauce,
Then add just enough water to cover 'em up!

Cover and cook over a medium flame,
Until it boils and bubbles up!
Lower the flame, simmer one hour.
Whip up some 'tatters', and eat em up!



Take two pre made frozen pie shells,
Add 32oz's apple pie filling into one.
Flip the other on top, remove the tin!
Pre heat oven at 350*, The rest is kinda fun!

With a fork press it together
Go all the way around!
Smear the top with a splash of milk
It will make it golden brown.

You can get creative
And fancy it up a bit.
Make designs on the top
By making little slits!

Bake in that preheated oven,
30 minutes till golden brown.
Serve warm or cold or alamode
They're sure to gulp it down!


Take 1/2 cup Bisquick mix,
Four eggs and 2 cups of milk,
1/4 cup soft margarine, 1/2 cup sugar,
1 tsp. vanilla, then whip till smooth as silk.

Then you simply pour it all,
Into un greased 9" pan or dish.
Bake 50 mins. in a 350* pre heated oven.
When the center's firm, cool, eat, delish!


Mix together 1 and 1.2 pounds
of cream cheese, then add a cup of sugar.
Add three eggs, one at a time,
A tsp. vanilla then whip with vigor.

Pour into a grahm cracker shell,
That you bought at the store.
Bake 375* for half an hour.
Who could ask for more?!

You can serve it plain or top it,
With canned cherry, strawberry
Or blueberry pie filling.
It's easy and delicious, yes very!

Well, that's all for now folks,
I hope you had some fun!
Now, go and do some cookin'
Be sure to come back when you're done!

If you have a recipe
That can save some time,
Pleas send it to me
And I'll add it here in rhyme!


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