The Way We Were!

Mrs.Baxter's Morning Kindergarden Class

Clockwise: Table 1: Gloria Klaschka, Bob Black, Wherner(?), Barbara(?)
Table 2: Pamela Young, Carol Kowalcyk ,Eddy DeJong, Dotty Wilson.
Table 3: Mrs.Helen Baxter, Sarah Comley, Calvin Ericson, Tommy Kershaw.
Table 4: Jack Tunnor, Patty Martin ,Donald Beatty, Carter Short.
Table 5: Skip Kelly, Jackie Bowman,Tommy Mowbray,
Table 6:Dan Phair, Gary Paulsen, Paula Dean.

Mrs.Baxter's Afternoon Kindergarden Class

Standing, L - R: John Lisack, Joan Peterson, Tommy Hattrich, Shirley Pytlak, Averill Allen.
Table 1: Susie Thurston, Diane Tremitiere.
Table 2: Mrs. Baxter, Carol Borne.
Table 3: Karen Horton, Cindy Garrabrant, David Comstock.
Table 4: Sally Ahrens, Jackie Winslow.
Table 5. Bobby Ebersbach, Lois Meyferth.
Table 6: Terry Murray, Patty Thurston

Comadore Perry First Grade
Who can put names to these faces???


Right to Left: Row 1: John Webb, Kenny Mowerson.
Row 2: Eddy deJong, Tommy Kershaw, Darol Stetler, Carter Short, Drew Spaulding
Row 3: Calvin Eriksen, Doanld Beatty, Tommy Mowbray
Row 4:Terry Rehill, Barry Fowler, Jack Tunour.
Row 5: Gary Paulsen, Bob Newman.
Standing: Gloria Klaschka, Dotty Wilson, Jackie Bowman, Pamela Young, Carol Kowalcyk,
Sarah Comley, Barbara Webb, Cindy Garrabrant, Mrs. McKechnie, Paula Dean.

Mrs. Twitchell's

Standing, L - R: Jeanette Corallo, Sally Ahrens, Diane Tremitiere, Susie Thurston, Kathleen Knight, Patty Thurston, Mrs. Twitchell,
Suzanne de Block, Lois Meyferth, Merry Monaghan, Joan Peterson, Shirley Pytlak.
Row 1: Michael Feigley, John Lisack, Tommy Hattrich.
Row 2: Karen DeGraw, Jack Curzon, Bobby Ebersbach, Eugene Stetler.
Row 3: Bobby Black, Terry Murray, Jackie Winslow, Robert Wehner, Karen Offringa.
Row 4: Skipper Kelly, Karen Horton, Barbara Yauch.

Allendale Gramar School
3rd Graders

Bottom row, left to right: Drew Spalding, Kenny Mowerson, Merry Monaghan, Patti Thurston, Karen Horton, Paula Dean, Tommy Kershaw, Don Beatty
2nd row:Danny Phair, Ralph Jordan, Diane Tremitiere, Patty Martin, Jackie Bowman, GiGi Jordan, Carter Short
3rd row: Darold Stettler Bobby Newman, KarenDeGraw, Barbara Webb, Carol Kowalcuk, Cindy Garrabrant, Terry Rehill, Bobby Whener,Top Row: Garry Paulson, Jeanette Corallo

Bottom Row, Lefr to Right: Barbara Olsen, Johnny Webb, Eddy DeJohng, Tommy Hattrich, Jimmy Valkenberg, Tommy Mobray, Skip Kelly
2nd row: Sally Aherns, Susie Thurston, Dottie Wilson, Gloria Klaschka, John Curzon, Terry Murray, Bob Black
3rd Row: Barbara Yauch, Calvin Erickson, Pamela Young, Sarah Comley, Jack Tunnure, Shirley Pitlack, Barry Fowler
Top Row: Joan Peterson, Susanne DeBlocke, Dick Rubble, Eugene Stettler

Mrs.Kook's 4th Grade Class

Right to Left: Row 1:Bob Tamagny, Gloria Klaschka.
Row 2: Barbara Webb, Ralph Jordan, Shirley Pitlack, Carol Kowalcyk, Paula Dean.
Row3:Eugene Stetler, Merry Monaghan, Jackie Bowman, Danny Phair,Sarah Comley.
Row 4:Cindy Garabrant, Patty Thurston, Sally Ahrens, Gigi Jordan.
Row 5: Barbara Olson, Suzann deBlock, Dotty Wilson, Barbara Yach
Standing:Mrs. Ruth Kook ,Bob Newman, Tom Mowbray, Jim Bengaff, Terry Murray.

**on a personal note: Mrs. Kook was my favorite teacher of all the ones I had and would have.
My first day of fourth grade had to be the best first day ever!
We walked into the class room to find this tall red headed woman drawing
this humongous caricature of herself on the black board.
She wrote 'Mrs. Kook' in big flowing letters. Then, like a scene right out of a Julie Andrews movie,
she burst into song gracefully gliding across the room from desk to desk singing
"Getting to know you, getting to know all about you!" Now that was memorable!

Mrs.Bastedo's 4th Grade Class

Standing: Keith Carpenter, Darold Stetler, Terry Rehill, Dick Ruble, Kenny Mowerson.
Row 1: Diane Tremitiere, Bob Wehner, Gary Paulson, Karen Offringa.
Row 2: Donald Beatty, Lois Meyferth, Jeanette Corallo, Pamela Young, Edward deJongh.
Row 3: Barry Fowler, Jack Curzon, Karen DeGraw, Susie Thurston, John Lisack, Skipper Kelly.
Row 4: Jim Valkenburg, Karen Horton, Bobby Black, Patty Martin, Joan Peterson.
Row 5: Tommy Kershaw.

Mr.Swansinger's 6th Grade Class

Right to Left: Row 1: Gloria Klaschka, Bob Tamagny, Karen De Graw, Karen Hubner, Jack Curzon, Bernadette Zukowski.
Row 2: Tom Mowbray,Jackie Bowman, Bob Black, Patty Martin, Patti Thurston, Terry Rehill.
Row 3: Tom Hattrich, osalie Santucci, Tom Kershaw, Gigi Jordan, Barbara Yauch.
Row 4:Kenny Mowerson,Cindy Garrebrant,Diane Tremitiere,Garry Paulsen.
Standing: Mr.Swansinger, Dick Ruble, Jeannette Corallo, Barbara Koehler, Joan Peterson, Calvin Erikson, Bob Wehner, Eugene Stetler.

Mrs.Huben's 6th Grade Class

Comadore Perry 7th Grade Students

who can put names to these faces for me please?

Mrs. Pirozzi's 8th Grade Class

Row 1: Calven Erikson, Tom Hattrich, Sarah Comley, Karen De Graw.
Row 2: Tony Fitzgerald, Bob Tamagny, Barbara Koehler, Gloria Klaschka, Paula Dean.
Row3: Carter Short, Peter Van Arsdale, Connie Williams ,Merry Monaghan
.Row 4:Jerry Wald, Jimmy Vaulkenburgh ,Shirley Pitlack.
Standing: Cindy Garrabrant, Gary Paulsen, Barbara Webb, Mrs.Lillian Pirozzi.

Mrs. LaRoe's 8th Grade Class

Standing: John Lisack, Dottie Wilson, Jim Coates, Susie Thurston, Mrs. LaRoe, Bob Black.
Row 1: Sally Ahrens, Bernadette Zukowski, Danny Phair.
Row 2: Patty Martin, Carole Kowalcyk, Barbara Yauch, Bob Bryan.
Row 3: Ralph Jordan, Jack Curzon, Bob Wehner, Diane Tremitiere, Rosalie Santucci.

Mr. Manzo's Allendale Marching Band
Memorial Day Parade 1958

Color Guard: Whitey Osborne and Mike Alsdorf, Majorette: Gigi Jordan, Merry Monaghan, Judi Ferber, Paula Dean
.Recognizable Band Members:Karen and Sheril Horten, Gloria and Barbara Klaschka, Phil Southerland, Dan Phair
, Don Beaty, Benny Conklin, Bob Weiner, Terry Rehil, Jerry Wald, Dan Phair, Barbara Koehler, Rob Cross.

Allendale Public School

Graduation Day

June 15, 1959

The Class of 1959

Left to right:Row 1:Bob Kiehl, Jeannette Corallo, Dan Phair, Barbara Yauch, Anthony Fitzgerald, Teresa Morra,
Bob Black, Paula Dean, Bob Wehner, Gigi Jordan, Terry Murray, Judi Ferber, Carter Short, Patty Martin,
Tommy Mowbray, Rosalie Santucci, Bob Tamagny.

Row 2:Skip Kelly, Merry Monaghan, Karen Horten, Barbara Webb, Donald Beaty, Dorothy Wilson, Peter Van Arsdale,
Jacquelyn Harrington, Barry Fowler, Jim Coats, Bob Osborne, Gloria Klaschka, Calvin Erickson, Carol Kowalcyk,
Ralph Jordan, Barbara Koehler, John Curzon, Patti Thurston, Jim Valkenberg, Sally Ahrens, Jim Bengaff.

Top Row: Bernadette Zukowski, Tom Hattrich, Karen Hubner, Terry Rehill, Barbara Webb, Dick Ruble, Connie Williams,
John Lisack, Karen Berlin, Karen De Graw, Garry Paulson, Sarah Comley, Bob Brian, Susan Thurston,
Darold Stetler, Diane Tremitiere, Jerry Wald, Lora Lee Hunley.

Immaculate Conception 8th Grade Class

Bob Kiehl and Gloria Klaschka
At Allendale Methodist Church JYF Dance 1959

Allendale Public School
Class of 1959
8th Grade Band Members

Allendale Public School
Class of 1959 Girl Scouts

Allendale Public School
Class of 1959 Band Concert

Jim Valkenburg and Barry Fowler
Play Ball!

Jill Campbell and her Mom

Terry Rehill

Flipping through Merry Monaghan's
1959 Allendale Grammar School Class Book!


Every Hallowen the Allendal Holiday Observers would sponcer a window painting contest in downtown Allendale.
Diane Tremitier, Susie and Patty Thurston and Merry Monaghan were the team to beat!!

Jim Valkenberg and Senior Prom Date 1963



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