Our 25th Reunion!

For The Class of '63's 25th Reunion
by: Gloria Klaschka Pease
May 1988
Before Walkman, cassettes, and CD's,
We'd Lindy to juke-boxes, 45's and LP's.
Before Armstrong and Jackson did the 'moon walk',
We'd 'Rock Around The Clock' and sing 'Baby Talk'.

Before Star Treck, 'ET' and VCR's,
We'd go 'submarine race watching' in the back of Dad's car.
It was a time of drive-in movies and root beer stands
The 'Mouseketeers and 'American Band Stand'.

Before microwave ovens and MTV,
There was the pride of Mahwah, The Class of '63!
Of all my memories of MHS,
These are the things I remember best:

I remember my bus stop on Ol' Cherokee,
Waiting for 'Charlie' with Diane and Bob T.
Remember hating Ramsey all through the week,
Yet at their 'Friendship dances' we'd dance cheek to cheek.

I remember when 'The Statue' was white,
And our victory dances on Saturday Night.
After school some of us guys and gals,
Would stroll down the hill and hang out at 'Pal's'.

Rehill's 'Rockin' Royals' were the best in the land,
Maria and Mura led our marching band.
Our nations great leaders, Eisenhower and Nixon,
Had tough competition from Bishop and Dixon.

What I remember about Freshmen Science the best,
Was using Steve's head as the Earth and his nose as Mt. Everest!
Oh how our cheerleaders loved to sing!
And during the Senior play, the phone didn't ring!

Bob Kiehl's car was everyone's heart's desire.
That was until the day it caught fire!
Who else but the class of sixty three,
Had 'Ozzie Osborne' and 'Killer Kowalski'?!

And 'Boo Boo' and 'Bozo' to name a few,
'Chatter-man', Marblehead' and 'Hat Rack' too!
Of all of our classmates from MHS
Lisack and Wilson were voted 'Best of the Best'!

Barry was a wiz with his 1 2 3's,
While others excelled in their 'ABPG's'!
Priscilla and Mike were bound for Success,
When it came to flirting, Ted and Judy were the best.

The guys on the grid iron were tough and mean.
And Harley made that basket?. . for the other team!
'James J' and Lynn P were always best dressed.
And Tamagny and Ginger were our class comics.

Heflin and McEvitt were great at bat,
While Kline and Sica were mean on the mat!
I wonder if Bob Bryan ever made his 'mill'?
And what ever happened to my best pal Jill?

I remember our teachers Dierman and Lazicki,
'uhhhhh' Siano, Finch and Cashioli.
And coaches Filardo, Carpenter and Marcolini,
And how we called both Massaros 'Miss Drury'!

For all those not mention, it's no big crime,
You've not been forgotten, there's just not enough time!
When it comes to Reunions, I remember our first,
A baseball game, called on account of thirst!

If this day never came, it would be such a pity,
But thank to the efforts of the reunion committee,
We have come together after 25 years,
Sharing old memories with laughter and tears.

Soar on dear Thunderbird in eternal flight,
Thanks for the memories, and to all. . a good night!

The Class of 1963's 25th Reunion 1988
(When we still resembled our former selves before Senior-itis set in!)
When we were still in our 'prime'!!!
Paul Z and his wife Paula, Jerry W Gloria K, Marie M and her hubby.

Jay and Gloria at 25th Reunion 1988
McEvitt and Klaschka
After a few drinks we all looked and felt like we were 18 Again!"
The Next day we were 42 and felt like 81!
{Going to miss Jay and Jerry at the 50th!}

Left to Right: Theresa, Rosalie (aka "Bozo"), Pattie, Bev, Dottie, Jane, Merry, Jill, Joanne, Marianne, Barbara, (?)

Left to Right: Irv Ettenberg, Merry Monaghan Ettenberg, Bev Vanburen, Mike Kaufman Jill Sugarman Smoak, Joe Downs
Seated:Maryellen Sworski Baumann, Marianne Triolo Downs.

Our 50th Reunion!

The Senior Class of Sixty Three
Written for our 50th Reunion
By: Gloria Klaschka Pease

It's hard to imagine that 50 years have passed
Since we were Mahwah's Senior graduating Class.
Everything about us has changed since then,
But here we all are, and we’re all seniors again!!!

We look forward to this night with great anticipation,
Expecting to see friends as they were at graduation.
But a room full of strangers is all that we'll see.
Am I in the right place? These people are much older than me!

They all are more round and not quite as tall.
And some have gray hair, if they have any at all.
But, we'll nod hello, even though we're not sure
That we'll even remember if we knew them before.

But with a familiar voice and a name tag or two,
Soon we'll be saying "Oh, I remember you!"
We will embrace one another and recall the past,
Wondering how fifty years flew by so fast!

We were wide-eyed innocents in sixty three,
There was so much to do and so much to see.
The world was all ours to conquer and explore,
The day we left Mahwah High School’s doors.

There were jobs to be found, education to be had,
Some became moms, some became dads.
Some chose to travel many miles away,
For others, the east coast was the place to stay.

Some have accomplished what they set out to do,
Some are still waiting for their dream to come true.
Yet we all succeeded to make it through fifty years
Of life’s many obstacles, challenges and fears.

Some of our classmates won't be with us that night.
Some are battling illness and fighting the fight.
Some have departed this life much too soon.
Yet they’ll be there in spirit with us in that room.

This may be the last time we gather and be,
Mahwah's Senior Class of Sixty three.
So embrace every moment with joy in your heart,
Before it's time that again we must part.

So polish those dentures! Pull up your depends!
And get ready to party like you're eighteen again!

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