Elsa Ochsner-Hattrich
976 Donald Drive,
Warminster PA 18974
Saddly, Elsa passed away in June, 2014. The above address may be that of her son.
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"My Heavenly Year Book"

Robert "Bob" Olszewski
1945- 9/3/2011

After graduation, Bob joined Air Force. He was married to Kathleen for 40 years and had three daughters, Kimberly Pharo of West Creek, N.J., and Wendy Becker of Little Egg Harbor, N.J., and Shannon Olszewski, of Tuckerton, N.J., He was a proud grandfather, to Tristin, Saige, Jillian, and Drew, Bob worked in Real Estate in Little Egg Harbor and retired in 2005. He enjoyed woodworking, golfing, and driving his '77 MG.

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"My Heavenly Year Book"

Kenneth "Ken" Osborne
102 Hilltop Rd.
Mahwah NJ 07430

Ken attended Rutgers University. He served 2 years in the US Army and 3 years in the Us Army Reserves. Ken has been married to Patricia for 46 years and they have two children: Jennifer (42) and Ken Jr. (38), and three grandchildren ages 11,6,and 4.
Ken retired from the Township of Mahwah at the age of 55. He enjoys his Long Beach Island home, jet skiing, and surf fishing. Ken has been a volunteer for Mahwah Fire Company #3 for 25 years. Ken’s memories of MHS are of rain and snow! Ken’s advice to his classmates is: ”Retire early and enjoy!” Updated 8/19/2013

Robert "Ozzie" Osborne
22 Plum Court,
Highland Mills NY 10930
rosborne54@optonline.net UPDATED 2013

Lynn Pastor-Shaver
9709A Solana Vista Loop
Austin, TX 78750

After graduating from MHS, I attended Katherine Gibbs School in Montclair, NJ. The Katherine Gibbs name was (in those days) a great job door opener and I went to work for Eastern Air Lines as an executive secretary. Quickly infected by the travel bug, I jumped the Eastern ship and worked for American Airlines for the next 29 years. In 1995, they offered management early retirement and I retired as Operational Manager in San Jose, California.

After leaving American, I worked for a start-up direct marketing company in California and became VP of Operations and Marketing. In 1998, we moved to Florida and I worked with Ecometry, a technology provider for multi-channel marketing. Here I was a featured speaker at the company’s annual conference, its e-commerce events and at seminars sponsored by its alliance partners. We moved again in mid 2000, this time to Dallas. I lucked into a marketing position for the e-business subsidiary of Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad. When the dot.com bust occurred, the company closed and I was out of a job. After this economic melt-down, I consulted on various marketing projects and was business manager for a graphics design firm.

The last chapter of my employment saga has been in the retail fashion world. As a lark, I took a part-time position with Lilly Pulitzer and within a relatively short period of time became manager. Retired from Lilly in 2012 after 6 plus years and five months later, accepted a position as assistant manager for Doncaster, another retail store.

My educational path has been as diverse as the careers I’ve had. During the time I lived in California, I was able to put myself through college and received my BA in Psychology from California State University. Although I started my masters at Pepperdine, I realized psych was not for me. Years later, I completed a post graduate program in marketing communications at San Jose State University.

On a personal note, I’ve been married more than once. Third time’s the charm and the lucky guy is Bob Shaver. We’ve been (back) together since our 25th reunion—wasn’t that just the scandal! We married in 1990 in San Francisco. Bob’s career is responsible for all our moves—except the last one to Austin. That was me. I get to enjoy Bob’s children from his first marriage: Leigh, Betsy and Tim. And, now there are 4 grandchildren—two boys from Betsy (Nathan and Owen) and two adopted girls from Leigh (Carmen and Ping Bin). We have a townhome in northwest Austin overlooking a nature preserves where we watch sunsets and hummingbirds with our Maltese, Beau. Updated 8/12/2013

Gary Paulson
892 Raccoon Trail
Galva, Kansas 67443

Joan Peterson-Pinkston
1181 Grandview Circle
Royal Palm Beach FL 03341
Joan moved from Allendale To Florida in1957.

Daniel "Dan" Phair
214 Russell St.
Islamorda FL 33036

Norma Reggiori-Keosky
509 Cape May Point
Cape May Point, NJ 08212
Phone: 609-884-0848
updated 2/12/2012

Terence "Terry" Rehill
15124 E Mustang Dr.
Fountain Hill AZ 85268
Updated 2012

George Richter
1339 Idlewood Rd.
Hardy, VA 24101
no e mail

Linda Robson
52 Union Turnpike
Branchville, NJ 07826
Phone: 973-459-2426
no email
Unpdated 2/14/2012

Desiderio "Desi" Rodriguez
1942- 2005
Desi was married to Eleanor, they had four sons, David, Michael, Richard, and Desi Jr.
Desi was the owner of Desi's Landscaping Business and lived in Florida at the time of his passing.
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"My Heavenly Year Book"

Joseph Walter Rozanski
March 30, 1946 - November 26, 2008

Joe was a graduate of Troy University and a retired SMSgt. from the U.S. Air Force. He was married 40 years to Susan C. Rozanski, of Crestview, FL,they had a son Terrance R. Rozanski from Tallahassee, FL. and two daughters Kathryn L. Rozanski of Tucson, AZ, Meredith L. Robinson, and granddaughter Britney N. Robinson of Pace, FL.

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"My Heavenly Year Book"

Richard "Dick" Ruble

Dick worked at GE on the Super Sonic Transport was a project engineer at Firestone. Dick lived in Indianapolis IN until he was diagnosed with Leukemia and went to The City Of Hope in LA. for treatment where he passed. He and his wife divorced prior to is illness. Dick had three sons, Jeff, Steve, and "Rick" . Dick had a grandson Richard III.

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"My Heavenly Year Book"

Rosalie Santucci Read
3262 Westhimer Road Suite 417
Huston Texas 77098
cell 979-583-8955

Rosalie has twins Michael and Missy (Owens) (38) and four grandchildren. She enjoys traveling.

The “updated” Bio of : Rosalie Santucci Read. AKA: “Bozo” or “Boz”, written by Joan Chapman Herndon. Why? Because the “one liner” she sent Gloria “SUCKED”!
After graduation with the rest of you, I continued working at the Grand Union where I had started my working career at the young age of 16. And can you believe that I continued working for Grand Union until I retired at 59 years young! I went from checkout to bookkeeper to Customer Service Manager.
In-between these years I did have a life outside of the grocery store! I married George Read and we had twins: (after I gained 80 pounds!!) A girl Melissa and a boy Michael. Now I know you all would have enjoyed watching me multi-task feeding, baths, & diapers! As the kids grew we moved to gardner NY on 8 acres of land- yup, I was a farmers wife without the farm and cows! My sweet husband passed away at 60 years of age. Bothof our children graduated from the university of Maryland and have very successful careers, but not at the Grand Union! Melissa has 2 children, Reed, 5 and George 7. She and her family live close to me in Houston Texas.
I love to travel and have been all over…to Thailand 3 times.. Why? Who knows!! I have a beautiful white dog named Lilly, my best friend. I drive a red mini Cooper convertible because I want my spiked white hair blow in the breeze. And, I must tell everyone that Jack Rumsey and I are still and item!!! Best Friends Always!

John Schaeffer

After graduation, John attended ECPI, Electronic Computer Programming Institute in Paterson NJ. In 1975 John was hired as a Computer Programmer / Systems Analyst for Sharp Electronics in Paramus NJ. In 1986 John transferred to Sharp Electronics in Mahwah NJ. where he remained for 29 years until his retirement in 2004. In 1975, John married Francesca, his wife of 36 years, and have three daughters, Beth 34, Sarah 32, Claudia 26 and three Grandchildren, Jack 9, Owen 20 Months, Evelyn, 18 Months.
After living most of his adult life in Ramsey NJ, John and Francesca moved to Myrtle Beach, SC in 2004 where they reside with two of their three daughters, grandson and granddaughter. John's interests include: Baseball, Bowling, Football, Basketball, Hockey, computers, electronics, and Ham Radio
John's favorite MHS memories included Mr. Lazicki’s Business Training course; Pep Rally’s, football and basketball games. John's plans to spend his retirement years as a Computer Programmer & Financial Systems Analyst and Consultant. John's advice for his classmates is to: "Do the best you can in any endeavor in life." Updated 8/2013

Once upon a time in the year 2011, when plans for a 50th reunion were still in its infancy, a super hero was born! Armed with only an outdated contact sheet from 1988, ZbbaSearch.com and unlimited calling, John joined forces with Gloria and together this dynamic duo set out to do the impossible and locate the entire MHS Class of 1963! By March 2012, their mission was near complete. However, when it appeared that some classmates seemed to have just dropped off the face of the earth and haven’t been seen or heard from since ol’ Doc Bishop handed them their diploma, reinforcements were called in! ‘The Locators” worked tirelessly with the dynamic duo until every classmate was accounted for! But a hero’s work is never done. Even though his super powers seem to be fading, John continues working diligently behind the scenes updating the ‘new and improved’ contact list on a daily basis. It is his mission to keep each and every class mate’s information current! I would like to take this opportunity to say:

‘Thank you! You Super Hero You!’

Harley J. Schneider Jr. BS, MS, Ph.D.
ADPO 228-6000
San Jose, Puriscal, Santiago
401-6000 Costa Rica
Phone: 210-607-4078 USA, magic jack
506-8750-5688 Costa Rica

Harley married Sherry Lynne Schneider in June 1968, they have four children: Sandra Lynne, Christina Lynne Michael James, and Thomas Justin. Harley attended and graduated: Morehead State University, BS, Biology and Chemistry 1968, Morehead State University, MS, Biology 1970, University of Kentucky, Ph.D., Animal Physiology (Emphasis on Bovine Reproduction) 1975.
Harley's Employment history includes: 1975-76 Harley was an Associate Professor of Biology, SUNY Rockland. 1976-1980 VP of Research and Development, Rio Vista International, San Antonio, TX Development of culture, cryopreservation, collection and transfer techniques for bovine embryos. 1980-2002 established and operated International Embryo Services, Inc., a commercial embryo transfer company. Work was conducted in Japan, Canada, Mexico, and Zimbabwe, as well as 18 states in the US. 2002-2005 International Embryo Services, Inc. was sold to OvaGenix in Bryan, TX. and was retained as a senior practioner. 2005-2010 Established Precise Genetics, Inc. The company was sold to Legacy Genetic Resources, LLC, December 2010. 2010-present part time consultant for Embryotech, the only VF laboratory in Costa Rica.
Harley was awarded Sigma Xi (Morehead State University Chapter) Graduate student research award 1970 Morehead State University Hall of Fame – inducted 1983. Harley's professional memberships include: AETA (American Embryo Transfer Association) emeritus, Founding board member serving two terms 1981-1985 Certification Committee chairman 1986-87. IETS (International Embryo Transfer Society) 1978-2010 Board member 1981-1983 UPDATED 2012

Marie Schneider Moralas

Marie pictured in MHS '63 Yearbook ~~~~Marie pictured on Face Book

Marie should have been one of the easiest classmates to locate but turned out to be one of the most frustrating! She had been listed on Classmates.com in the MHS Class of 1963 section as Marie Schnider Moralas for years, but all messages sent to her went unanswered. Now that we had her married name, we quickly found an address for her in FL, not to mention we found her on Facebook! All letters and messages were unanswered. Underneath her year book picture she described herself as “having soft gray eyes, quiet, liking pop music, watching the T-Bird squad, people and babysitting.”
Although Marie appears in our yearbook, no one seems to remember her. The “locators” are a relentless bunch of hard heads and were determined to locate each and every class mate no matter what! We continued leaving messages on Classmates.com and Face Book and sent several letters. We even had a classmate who lived in the general vicinity of the address we had for her actually drive to the house only to find we had the wrong address! Several months later I was looking through the MHS ’62 Yearbook and low and behold I see Maria Schneider pictured as a MHS Class of ’62 graduate! !"

Marie pictured in MHS '62 yearbook

Underneath that year book picture she also described herself as “having soft gray eyes, quiet, liking pop music, and watching the T-Bird squad, people and babysitting.” It appears Marie was in both the class of '62's and '63's year books as part of the graduating class and didn't graduate from either one! Ironically, the class of '62 couldn’t find her and no one seems to remember her either! Considering all the weeks, months and mileage invested in trying to locate Marie, I am keeping her in this directory as "The Unknown Classmate"!

Barbara Ann "Barb" Setterstrom
190 Roslyn Street #1301
Denver, Co 80230
updated 2/12/2012

Robert "Bob" Shaver
9709A Solana Vista Loop
Austin, TX 78750

After the most impactful and important eighteen months of my life, I left Allendale in the Summer of ’63 to go out to Eastern Illinois and start all over again. I was a success in college if you judge success on friendships, fraternity and parties. I really didn’t spend much time on the whole classroom and tests thing. Maybe some others were like that, too? (I say with tongue buried deeply in cheek.) I dropped out a couple of times; once to sell encyclopedias with Wehner and once, for a longer time, to join the Air Force. While I was “in” (Dover AFB, DE the whole time),
I married Janet Herlihy (MHS ’65). We had a daughter, Leigh. When I got out, we moved to Illinois and I finished my degree in ‘71. I got a job in Chicago as the assistant for the Regional Vice President. I got promoted very fast and our biggest customer, Xerox, began recruiting me. I moved over to Xerox in Minneapolis in ’72 and stayed there in various places and in various jobs, for eleven years. I was happy and well thought of.
During my time at Xerox, Janet and I had two more children (Tim and Betsy. Twins. MHS ‘96). A former boss
approached me in ’83 and convinced me to join him at Mead Corporation. I did and that job died in forty five days! (Welcome to “high tech”.) I joined the “turn-around” effort at a software company in Dallas. For five years, we had fun and we were very successful. So much so, the company was purchased and we were all let go! (Momma’s: it’s not cowboys you don’t want your boys to grow up to be, it’s “Vice Presidents”.) But...I wrote a letter to the “crazy” boss at another software company out in California. We met. We hit it off and I went to work at Oracle. This was the Silicon Valley rocket ride and it was, mostly, great! I got to do a lot of important and significant things (and lots of fun ones, too).
Towards the end of my time in Dallas, Janet and I had divorced. I went looking for our classmate, the girl I never forgot, Lynn Alice Pastor. Over a period of a few years, I courted Lynn and, eventually, she fulfilled my dreams and married me in January of ’90. Lynn has her own story to tell but I want you to know that the pretty girl that Ruble, Ozzie and Kiehl told me was “too shy”, the one taking all those secretarial classes went to college while building a great career at America Airlines, graduated Summa Cum Laude and went on to have two other significant careers, too.
Lynn has been a great friend to my children (They’ve told me that, should Lynn and I ever separate, they’re going with her.) and a great life partner for me. Over the years we’ve stayed close to others from our class, like Wehner, Jill, Steve, Joanne, Michael and Cal. These are, truly, the brothers and sisters of my soul and Lynn is my muse. After Oracle, I worked with a friend from Dallas days on another turn-around, did a re-org at Ernst & Young and some consulting. One of the consulting gigs was for an old friend and associate, Roger Staubach. Roger asked me to join his company and for Lynn and I to move back to Dallas. I stayed with Roger for a couple of years, went back into consulting (Emmitt Smith was another client) and then did some short time things, including a stint at Google.
I was commuting to Google from Dallas with Lynn, and a home, in Las Colinas and an apartment in Mountain View. I wasn’t happy with any part of the situation. When some friends asked me to help them with a very troubled project in Frisco, Texas I jumped at the chance. Frisco Square, and Frisco itself, are remarkable places. If you wanted to idealize a suburb, you’d find everything you want (except for hills, trees and water. It’s TEXAS.). When I started, I knew exactly one person. We turned the project into a great success and for me, personally, it turned out to be one of the high points of my career.
When I retired after five years, the City honored me with “Bob Shaver Day” and the Greater Dallas Chamber of Commerce honored the project. Lynn’s company had transferred her to Austin and I followed her. She had a great opportunity and, as it turns out, great success. My daughter Betsy and her husband moved here and they now have two little boys. My oldest daughter lives in Corpus Christi with her daughter and that’s just a little over three hours away. We still hold out hope that my son will wake up and smell the fires, humidity, mosquitoes, alligators, BUGS, snakes and hurricanes in Florida and join the rest of us in Texas. We only have drought, flood, snow, ice storms, dust storms, blistering heat, snakes, fires, tornados and Rick “Nice hair” Perry for Governor. It’s much better here. Lynn and I bought a townhouse in NW Austin last summer. It has two decks off the back and the view is spectacular! Everything is new and there’s no maintenance involved. Ours is a new neighborhood so we’re working with others to build the culture into something we’ll all enjoy for years to come. We have plenty of room for guests and, like other homes we’ve had, this one is ready-made for parties. We’re planning to travel and enjoy the kids and grandchildren. Lynn is a great cook and I’m a great dishwasher. We have a Maltese. That’s a kind of small, loud,hairy, white dog.
I think I’ve had a good life. I’ve been around the world, to two Super Bowls and to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame (twice). I’ve seen most of the music artists, art works, museums, cathedrals and temples I want to see. Both Lynn and I have climbed Mt. Fuji in Japan. We’ve been to most of the “great places” and plan to see the rest before we can’t. I am most proud of my marriage, my wonderful children and the successes of those I have helped through my work or community involvement. I am, and will always be, very grateful to all of you who took in a “new kid from California” (or was it Pascack Valley?) and made me feel welcome and at home in your class. I love you and I hope to see all of you next year at the 50 YEAR REUNION OF THE MAHWAH CLASS OF 1963! Love, Shaver (“Bob” to strangers) UPDATED 2012

Priscilla Shaw
299 Edwards St.
New Haven Ct 06511
203 865 8211

After graduation I attended Smith College and graduated in 1967 with a BA. I then attended Brandeis University and graduated in 1971 with a PhD in Biochemistry. I was awarded a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Harvard Medical School which I completed in 1976. Gloria – your guess is as good as mine. I have been married for 46 year to Robert, a 1966 graduate from Wesleyan University, I have been a faculty member in The Department of Pharmacology at the Yale School of Medicine since 1976 where I am currently a Professor. I stopped active research in 2008 and planning a full retirement in April of 2014. Robert retired as banker from Peoples Bank in 2005.
We are both on several boards and volunteer for the organizations. For me, these include an organization to help people recovering from mental illnesses and the annual festival of Arts and Ideas that occurs each summer in New Haven. Bob is president of the Arts Council of New Haven and served for 30 years on the New Haven Symphony board. Our best travels have been hiking to the base camp of Mt. Everest from outside Kathmandu in 1975, which took 5 weeks, and doing the coast to coast walk in England in 2011. Our retirement plans include hiking as long as we can, theatre in Connecticut and NYC and watching the Red Sox and UConn women’s basketball team. Updated 8/1013

Robert "Carter" Nicholas Short
1317 Dunlora Dr.
Charlottesville, VA 22901

After graduation Carter attended the University of Virginia and graduated in 1967 with a BA. Carter has been married to his wife Ann, whom he met at the University of Virginia, for 43 years. They have two daughters: Annie Short Squicciarini (42), Caroline Short Beisswanger (39) and three grandsons: Russell Carter Beisswanger (13), Edward Nicholas Beisswanger ( 8), and Nicholas Carter Ryan Squicciarini ( 6 months).
Carter worked for JP Morgan Private Bank for 32 years and was Vice President for 20 of those years as Head of JP Morgan’s Trust Real Estate Dept. Although Carter retired from JP Morgan in 2003, he has remained a consultant to the bank. In 2007 Carter and Ann moved to VA. where he still enjoys hunting, fishing, and firearms. Updated 8/2013

William "Bill" Sica
23 Stone Fence Rd.
Allendale, NJ 07401

Bill earned his B.S. in Science at Bowling Green Ohio, and a M.B.A from Fairleigh Dickenson University. Bill served in the US Army from 1969-1971. Bill was married to Joan for 21 years before they divorced. They have one daughter, Christina (33). Bill is semi-retired from Sales in the aerospace industry. Bill enjoys traveling throughout the US and Europe.Updated 2013

Bonnie Smith Pohan
340 George Cobb Lane
Lincoln Park, NJ 07035
Phone: 973-696-0986
updated 2/2012

Richard "Dick" Smyla
22 Sterling Ave
Sloatsburg NY 10974
updated 2012

Tadeuz "Ted" Sowa

What many of you don't know about Ted is that he was awarded a $500 scholarship towards a trade school and he actually attended Como Beauty Culture College in Patterson NJ with Gloria Klaschka (me) and was a licensed beautician. Bill Buhr, yes, Billy and Keith Buhr's daddy, offered him a job in his beauty salon "Buhr Studio" once he obtained his beautician's license. I believe Ted thought working in a beauty salon would be a perfect place to meet women, but when he discovered the clientele were all old enough to be his grandmother, he quit! According to the 1975 reunion directory, Ted married Audry and was a carpenter.
They say you never forget where you were when something traumatic happens. Well I clearly remember where I wasn't the day JFK was assonated, in the passenger's side of Ted's car! Ted, who was my transportation to and from Patterson, was so upset by the news he left for home without me!!! When Coach Marcolini passed, Ted drove me to the funeral services and I didn't let him out of my site for one second! Ted had such a tender soul. Updated 8/30/2013

Please visit:
"My Heavenly Year Book"

Darold Stetler
361 Big Island Rd.
Forest City N.C.28043

Darlod and his wife and their children lived in the Fardale. A friend of mine (Gloria) was visiting from Florida and was staying with her cousin and his wife and I was to meet with her at their house. When I got there they were all in the middle of a TV movie and I sat on the couch in silence waiting for a chance to visit with my friend when I noticed that her cousin was Darold! OMG! What a small world! Darold and his family are enjoying their retirement in NC. Updated 8/30/2013

Jill Sugarman Smoak
3157 Mary Street
Coconut Grove, FL 33133

After being a Flight Attendant and heavily involved in union work and retirement issues for 40 years I retired in 2006 and discovered that being totally retired just wasn't for me, so I started a little business. I do consultations with other Flight Attendants who are planning on retiring - keeps me busy and involved.UPDATED 2013

Maryellen Sworski Baumann
4708 Heritage Hills Drive
Bloomington, Mn 55437

After graduation from High School I left for the University of Connecticut. At the same time, my parents returned to Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Larry and I met in Oak Ridge after my freshman year during summer vacation and, luckily, he was also in college at Yale in Connecticut. Two years later, he graduated, we married, and we moved to Philadelphia. We both attended the University of Pennsylvania. I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology and Larry his PhD in Physics. But, better than any of this, our only child Laura, was born there.
After Philadelphia, Larry got his first job in Minneapolis. We headed out with all of the winter clothes we could find and fearful we were dropping off the edge of the earth. All we knew of Minnesota was from the Mary Tyler Moore show. However, we survived and have lived here and loved it (ice, snow and definitely mosquitoes excluded) for almost 40 years. We live in Bloomington, Minnesota, a second-ring suburb of Minneapolis, south of the city and home of the infamous Mall of America.
I got my Masters in Social Work at the University of Minnesota focusing on child and adolescent mental health. Most of my career was then spent as a therapist. First with teenagers in day treatment; then with kids, couples and families in private practice; finally with parents involved in custody disputes. This last job was for the Hennepin County Family Court in Minneapolis. There I did custody evaluations/meditations and ultimately helped develop, run and teach Early Neutral Evaluations. This is a program to bring courts, attorneys and parents together early in the process to resolve disputes while keeping the parents in charge. The professionals are there for reality checks of what will happen if the dispute goes to court. This became the Minnesota model which was and is extremely rewarding. While I loved all of this, I have been thankfully and happily retired for five years.
Over the years I have enjoyed lots of travel in the US, Canada, Mexico, Honduras, as well as eastern and western Europe. I also love books, movies, bike rides, hikes, great restaurants, gardening and spending time with friends.
Laura is now in Sacramento, California where she works as a lawyer for the California Secretary of State . We get to spend our Minnesota winters as Californians for two months each year. No grandchildren but we have three rent-a-grandkids (no fees required) next door, who come frequently, bake cookies, and ask us to play. Updated 8/20/2013

Robert "Bob" Tamagny
603 John St.
River Vale N.J. 07675

Bob attended Kansas Wesleyan University. Bob has been married to Peggy for 44 years and they have three children: Scott (42), Megan (41) and Katie (39), and seven grandchildren. Before retiring, Bob was a Physical Education Teacher at Bergen Tech High School. In addition to sailing and fishing, Bob’s number one interest is his grandchildren. Updated 8/2013

Patricia "Pattie" Thurston Alvarez
793 W. Shore Drive
Kinnelon N.J. 07405
cell 239-671-2445

I graduated from Monmouth College in 1967 and married my college sweetheart, Ramon Alvarez a year later. I taught second grade in Saddle River and first grade in Little Silver. When our son, Ramon and our daughter, Jennifer came along, I became a “stay at home Mom”. We settled in Kinnelon, NJ where we have lived since 1976. Ray started his own Communications Sales Rep. Company and traveled Monday through Friday. I held down the fort at home, but had lots of company with my neighbors mostly in the same boat. I joined an indoor tennis league and became a “professional” volunteer. Scouts, church, home and school kept me busy until my children went off to college. Thanks to Skip Kelley’s advice and expertise, I started Project Graduation in Kinnelon in 1989. I’m happy to say it’s still going strong.
Ray and I have been very fortunate. We’ve traveled all over the continental US, Hawaii, Alaska, the Caribbean, Mexico and Australia. We still have a few places to see on our “bucket” list. I love to cook and we enjoy entertaining both here in Kinnelon, and in Fort Myers Beach, FL where we live in the winter. Now that Ray is retired, we enjoy golfing, boating, reading and long walks on the beach.
We especially enjoy being with our family and my proudest accomplishment is raising our children to be successful and caring adults. They both graduated from Boston College. Ramon earned a Masters in Finance at Duke University and works on Wall Street. Jennifer earned her Master’s at Northwestern University in Learning Disabilities. She followed in her grandmother and mother’s footsteps and taught school for eight years. We love both their spouses who are also wonderful parents. We appreciate being given five adorable (aren’t they all?) grandchildren who love us unconditionally and make us laugh out loud!
My most cherished friend (aka best friend), is still Dottie Wilson Sargent. Even though we live on opposite sides of the country, we talk often and try to get together at least once a year. She is still a good listener and always has the right “words of wisdom”.
Our high school was so unique. It was very modern with lots of open spaces. I remember the “no slacks” rule. I’d listen to WOR on the radio in the morning. If it was below 32 degrees or snowing at 7:30 a.m., we girls could wear slacks under our skirts. Very exciting! My bus arrived at 7:35.
I still remember the charged atmosphere in the gym during the pep rallies and basketball games. How many of you girls remember moaning and groaning about the run out to the hockey field, but willingly got up at 5:30 AM to use the trampoline and gymnastics apparatus before school started? Remember the girls’ nights out when we spent the night trying to find out what the boys were doing?
I have so many fond memories of MHS. I’ve lost touch with many of my high school friends and look forward to seeing all of you and catching up in September. Has it really been 50 years? Updated 8/14/2013

Diane Tremitiere Monaghan
103 Tussock Brook Road
Duxbury, MA 02332
Home781 936-8870
Cell:781 974-3635 (Diane) or 781 424-7004 (Jay) dianemonaghan@hotmail.com.

Diane went to University of North Carolina – Greensboro and one semester at Chapel Hill with a major in French and education. Taught in Loudoun County VA, then taught French and Art in Alexandria VA at T. C. Williams H. S. which was featured in the movie “Remember the Titans” – I was there when the integration issue happened. Traveled to France in the summers. Met and married Jay Monaghan and we moved to Chicago with Jay’s company. Jimmy and Caitlin were born there. Moved to the seaside town of Duxbury, MA to be near Jay’s large family – lots of cousins for our children! Became interested in pastel portraiture, quilting, counted cross-stitch, and gardening. Loved being at home raising our children!
Received my Masters degree at Cambridge College and began teaching French again in Massachusetts, and will retire in June 2011. I also serve as a director at a local art gallery. My parents live in Yardley, PA and my brother Bob lives in Michigan, having retired from Ford several years ago.UPDATED 2012

Marianne Triolo Downs
250 Newport Way,
Little Egg Harbor, NJ 08087

After MHS I attended Ramapo College. I have been married to my High School sweetheart Joe Downs for 46 years. We have 2 children: Melissa, and Matthew and four grandchildren: Aidan (12) Brenna (10) Chloe 2 ½ and Eva 1 month.
I worked as an Accounts Payable Manager. Joe and I own a condo on Long Beach Island, and after living in Mahwah for 66 years, we bought a new home in a retirement community and moved to Little Egg Harbor in South Jersey in 2012.
Our son owns a garden center and I love to work there during his busy season. I am still a devout Yankee fan and love going to their games. I love to read and always have a book around me! Joe and I love to hike! We have traveled to 48 of our glorious 50 states and have hiked through most of them. We hope to go to Alaska and Mississippi next. We have also been to Italy and plan to do more traveling through Europe now that we can. I just love to travel and hope to see many more places.
MHS was a great school to attend and I am grateful for my years there. That’s where I met my husband Joe, Joanne Williams Paterson and Beverly Wall VanBuren who I still regard as my two best friends.
Retired Accounts Payable Manager, married 46 yrs. to ’62 MHS grad Joe Downs, 2 children, 4 grandchildren. Loves hiking, reading and traveling. Treasures her MHS years and meeting husband and 2 best friends, Joanne and Bev.Updated 2013

James Valkenburg
1825 Prichard Ave.
Henderson, NV 89052-6967
You can also find "James Valkenburg" on 'Face Book"

Since this is being written for a Mahwah High School class directory I should talk about that a little. Frankly, high school is somewhat of a blur to me. It almost seems like a different life. When contacted by Gloria Klaschka-Pease in early 2012 I was tempted to leave those memories behind as they have been for almost 50 years. But I was drawn to the words Gloria wrote and the thoughts of actually seeing how some of my classmates actually turned out. I found myself looking through the 1963 Keneu (can hardly believe I found it) and wondering how I actually got away with 4 years and did almost nothing. Gloria told me that “there was a kinship that time could not erase” and urged me to consider attending the 50-year reunion in 2013. Although my memories of those 4 years in Mahwah are faded and weak, I think she is right. I enjoyed looking at the class directory Gloria has on-line and actually was saddened at learning of some of those classmates that have passed on. There is a feeling there, someplace deep and finding it is certainly more pleasurable than I would have imagined. Here are a few of the memories that come to mind…
I remember Jim Bengaff. If one can have a “best friend” then Jim was mine before Mahwah and during our high school days. I have seen him a few times since graduation and know he has two beautiful daughters and several grandkids now. I know his wife died very young and can only imagine the pain. He lives in Vermont and I live in Nevada and the odds of actually seeing him again are long… but in Vegas we sometimes bet on long odds and maybe he’ll come to the 50-year reunion.
I remember Barry Fowler and playing football in his back yard and his Mother’s cookies. I remember Spanish Club and wish I had paid more attention. I could use it now! I remember Sally Ahrens & Merry Monaghan (my picks for the 2 prettiest girls in class), John Lisack’s accordion, and Gigi Jordan who didn’t graduate from Mahwah but did attend grammar school in Allendale. I had a childhood crush on her. I remember Karen DeGraw and her beautiful singing voice.
I remember Dottie Wilson… how could one forget the police chief’s daughter. I remember Jack Curzon… we stood at the same bus stop in the morning for years. I remember Karen Horton who’s Dad had an electronics store or a TV repair shop or something like that. I remember a pool table in Art Klein’s basement. I remember Bob Kiehl’s big house. I remember Pattie Thurston and Susie with the wonderful freckles (or was that Skip Kelly with the freckles?). I remember Cal Eriksen (because he lived close to Bengaff) I remember the public swimming pool in Allendale with the raft in the middle and how you could get under there and pretend no one knew. I remember little league baseball and Bob Tamagny’s Dad who said I couldn’t throw hard enough to pitch… he was probably right. I remember Mr. Deer’s science class and how I never knew why he left Mahwah so suddenly. I remember Mrs. Eddy’s English class… she was very kind. I remember Mr. Filardo’s Driver’s Ed class on the back roads in Mahwah… whew… that was close!
I remember Mr. Herold’s mnemonic device to help us remember the 12 major nerves in the brain … “On Old Olympus’ Towering Tops a Finn And German Viewed All Hops”… but except for Olfactory, I have no idea what the other nerves are! Then there was Miss Klug’s chemistry… that’s all I have to say about that.
Now that Gloria Klaschka has kindled my Mahwah spirit (just a little) I am enjoying the memory of those long forgotten times and find that there were some good things after all. I hope to thank Gloria in person in 2013
After graduation from Mahwah I spent a year at Newark College of Engineering (Now NJIT) and quickly decided it wasn’t for me. I joined the Air Force in October of 1964 and spent the next 21 years in various assignments in many different places. In 1967 I was chosen for a commissioning program and was sent to Arizona State University where I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. I was commissioned as 2nd Lt. in December 1969.
I married a young lady from New Jersey that I had known before entering the military and we moved with my Air Force assignments eventually winding up in Kansas City, MO where my son was born in 1972. Shortly after that I was again selected for a graduate degree program and moved to Tallahassee, FL where I earned an MBA from Florida State University. While at Florida State, my marriage fell apart and I ended up in South Carolina for a short while on assignment with Tactical Air Command.
I married again in 1975 to Linda Green and we remain together now for some 37 years. I had more Air Force assignments, first to Hawaii and Pacific Command for 5 years and then on to the University of California at Berkley where I was a Professor of Aerospace Studies for 4 years. In essence I taught in the ROTC program at Berkley. In 1985 I retired form the Air Force after 21 years and moved to Las Vegas, NV.
I earned a doctorate in Educational Administration, taught some high school and university classes and in 1996 changed paths to open an insurance agency that Linda had wanted for many years. She had followed me around through the later half of my military career and now it was my turn to help her. Her insurance expertise and determination helped us build a future and an agency that we still work in. Although we basically sold the rights to the business, we were asked to continue to run it and it continues to grow. We now have 12 employees and truly enjoy our work days … most of the time. We still like to travel even after all those military moves and we go as often as time permits. Our favorite trip includes time with our son, daughter-in-law and two beautiful granddaughters in the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia. We love the beach… especially the white sands of the Florida panhandle and Clearwater Beach near Tampa. Hawaii sometimes beckons since we fell in love with it during our 5 years there, but just can’t stand to be that far from the grandkids for long. The “girls” as I call them were born in 2004 and 2005 and are almost 2 years apart. I believe that grandparents acquire a different perspective on life as we age and see the youthful exuberance of our family unfold before us. It is surely an exciting time and we’re enjoying every minute we can. We spent a week with them in Disney World in 2011 and discovered quickly just how much energy young girls have when they’re excited. UPDATED 2012

Jerry Wald
Orlando FL
Jerry is deseased. He passed away September 2, 2010
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"My Heavenly Year Book"

Beverly "Bev" Wall Van Buren
22 Balsam Crest Ct. #B,
Chestertown, NY 12817.
home 518-494-3722
cell 518-339-7084

After graduation I attended Cortland State College and later married Tommy Heflin, '63 MHS alumni, I began my teaching career in Suffern, N.Y. Tommy and I have two children, Tiffany and Troy, While they were growing up I took a position as a substitute at Mahwah High School! (Try calling Mr. Carpenter, George!!) I remarried in 1984, Dick and I relocated to Burnt Hills, New York where we taught at Shenendehowa Central Schools while I earned my Masters in Reading from Russell Sage College. Between the two of us we have five children and ten grandchildren ranging in age from 2 to 19!! We retired from teaching in 2001 and are now 'snow birds' living half the year in Chestertown, NY on a small lake in the Adirondacks, and the other half in Vero Beach FL where we enjoy playing tennis and golf and no snow! I love to travel and have traveled throughout the United States, and much of Europe. I will always remember the fun we had with a campus type high school, the pep rallies, football games, and the life-long friendships I have made. UPDATED 2012

Barbara Watson Bolton
826 Pelhem Dr.
Lompoc CA 93439
I live in Lompoc, CA (near Santa Barbara) and retired from teaching elementary
school in 2007. I'm married with two adult children and five grandchildren.
Updated 2011

Barbara "Barb" Webb Draper
12 Crescent Place
Allendale N.J. 07401

After graduating from MHS, I went to Green Mountain College in VT and graduated with a degree in science. I then went to work for Good Samaritan Hospital in Suffern as a medical assistant/floor secretary. Sarah Comley also worked at the hospital and we decided to take a trip to Europe together, which we did.
After returning, I got a job at Ciba-Geigy Corp., the pharmaceutical company now known as Novartis. During this time I got married and had two children, Christopher and Kimberley. Eventually I became a stay at home mom because my husband Bob had to travel extensively for his company selling weather equipment and information to TV and radio stations.
After 14 years of marriage we divorced and I had to go back to work to support and educate my children. My son is a graduate of Stevens Inst. of Technology, is a mechanical engineer and works for a research and development company. My daughter is a graduate of Monmouth Univ. with a dual degree in elementary and special education and is a teacher in Ramsey.
As for travel; I have traveled up and down both the east and west US coasts including the Grand Canyon and the Florida Keys. I have also traveled to Canada, the Bahamas, Bermuda, Europe and have been on several cruises. Hobbies over the years included collecting old/vintage post cards, jewelry, and of course the usual gardening and reading.
I am retired now and love it, single and love it, and still live in Allendale because family is in the area. I am the proud and happy grandmother of two wonderful grandchildren and I provide "Grandma Daycare" for them while their parents work. Updated 8/15/2013

Robert "Bob" Wehner
1327 Peachtree St. N.E. #603
Atlanta, GA 30309
Robert J. Wehner Independent Associate – Director LegalShield
Website: rjwehner.legalshield.com

Bob received his Masters of Science from Georgia Tech and his BBA from Georgia Regents U. Bob married fellow ’63 MSH alumni Joanne Williams the week after she graduated from Caldwell College. Bob served in the US Army from ’68-’71 where he was a Supply Sergeant and received the Army Commendation Medal. Bob and Joanne were blessed with two wonderful daughters, Suzie and Lisa who have in turn, blessed them with 6 amazing grandchildren: Amanda (6), Amy (4), Kayla (6), Megan (4), Tim (3) and Ryan (1). Bob loved growing up in Allendale and especially appreciated being able to give their daughters the same opportunities he enjoyed as a youth. While living in Allendale, Bob was on the Board of Ed for Northern Highlands, moving it from the #2 cost/student in the State to outside the Top 10, while graduates got into better schools.
After 23 years of marriage, the ‘high school sweet hearts’ separated and divorced. Bob met and married Vickie Edwards of Richmond VA, and they have been happily married for 12 years. Bob is currently serving as a Board Member and Treasurer of the NAWOSB (National Association of Women Owned Small Business), is a participant in the Founders Society at Georgia Tech, and previously was part of the President’s Club. Bob plans to remain as Director of LegalShield where he hopes to continue helping families, business owners and non-profits for as long as he possibly can.
Bob also recalls a few not so fond memories such as breaking his arm on his very first pole vault attempt and Coach Marcolini telling him to "Run it off!" And being told by Mr. Beyer that he could never be in the Honor Society because he walked on campus with his hands in his pockets!! After taking a good hard look at MHS’s facility and administration Bob remembers realizing that it was OK to be different! Bob’s advice to his former classmates is: Be nice. Be nice. Be nice and be tenacious. And he adds "Love". Updated 8/2013

Karen Weiss Poccia
1140 Yarmouth ST.
Port Charlotte FL 33592

I now live in Port Charlotte Fl. I have 4 children, twin boys 43 and a daughter 26 and another son 24, and 5 grandchildren. Loving the sun and beaches here. My husband Ed passed away in 1990. We all miss him sooo very much!!! Updated 2011

Joanne Williams Patterson
47 Tar Kiln Road
Orleans MA 02653

Joanne received a BA in mathematics from Caldwell College, and an MA in Environmental Education from Montclair State University. Joanne is a retired High School and Middle School Mathematics Teacher. She was married to Bob Wehner for 25 years until they divorced. They have two daughters; Suzie (44) and Lisa (39). Joanne has been married to Don for 20 years and has two step sons Brian (39) and Michael (41). Joanne, is enjoying her retirement and living on Cape Cod, her six adorable grandchildren, aerobics, yoga, biking, hiking, golf, walking on the beach, helping kids, gardening, book groups, photography, music, traveling and, the Yankees!
Joanne writes:” I have been lucky to travel much of the world, the latest being on an African Safari. My favorite volunteer work experience was working at an inner city after school program with children in Patterson N.J.” Joanne will always remember making ‘friends for life” at MHS! UPDATED 2013

Pat Worrall-Hornak
64 Boulevard
Suffern N.Y. 10901

“Trish” went to William Smith College (QB) and got her Masters from SUNY Albany. She is a retired French and English teacher and has three children: Christopher (31), Bobby (28), Elizabeth (26) and two grandchildren: “Little Bobby” (7) and Maya (1 month). Trish enjoys music , travel, activism, and nature. Some of “Trish’s” interesting life experiences include: Performing in NY Revels and the Church of Stop Shopping, and various classical music singing groups, transporting vehicles and delivering trucks to and from Northwest Territories, and teaching in Turkey, Updated 8/10/2013

Dorothy "Dottie" Wilson Sargent
3021 Via Buena Vista, Unit N
Laguna Woods, CA 92637
949-487-0488 Mobile 949-636-1590.

I can’t believe how fast the years have gone by - June 1963 seems like yesterday. A quick recap of my life includes:
Met my husband, Dick Sargent, at Monmouth College and we married in 1966. We have three children; Scott, Merritt and Kristen. We moved from New Jersey to Southern California in 1979. Dick passed away in 1989 - I never remarried and it doesn’t seem likely that I ever will. I finally finished my Bachelor’s degree in 1993, graduating from Saint Mary’s College in Moraga, California the same day that my daughter, Merritt, graduated from college. My son, Scott, married Mary Alice in 1995 (she is a wonderful daughter-in-law). They have given me four fabulous grandchildren; Allie 16, Katie 13, Matthew 11 and Ryan 8. My daughter, Merritt, married David in 1997 (he is a wonderful son-in-law). They have given me two fabulous grandchildren; Sophia 12 and Aidan 5.
My youngest daughter, Kristen, lives and works in New York City. I continue to try to get her to move back to California but she loves big city life. I’ve worked in Human Resources management for almost 30 years. It’s been a challenging and rewarding career and provided me the opportunity for extensive international travel.
My best friend is Patty Thurston Alvarez. We’ve stayed close all of these years and visit each other as often as possible. She has stood by me through thick and thin, good times and bad and has made my life happier and richer. My greatest joy is spending time with family and friends and of course attending my grandchildren’s games and activities.
I’m still working fulltime but just about ready to retire – YIPPPPEEEEEE!!!!!! With the “Golden Years” here, I have lots to do and see. I plan to get back to golf and spend a good amount of time reading. However, number 1 on my bucket list is to drive back and forth across the United States and see this wonderful country. So as soon as I take the leap into retirement, I’ll be off and hope to see some of you along the way.
I loved my time at Mahwah High School and would relive it in a New York Minute. I have so many wonderful memories of friends and good times. Whenever I look through our yearbook I always smile. Can’t wait to see everyone in September. Updated 8/16/ 2013

Barbara Yauch

Barbara is deceased She passed away May 8, 2014
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"My Heavenly Year Book"

Paul Zabriskie
3689 SE Lower Street
Stuart, Fl 34997

Paul received his BS in Zoology from Penn State, MS in Parasitology from Temple. Paul served 5 years in the Military, two tours of duty in Vietnam. Paul was awarded the Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross w/2 OLC, Air Medal w/V device, Bronze Star w/V device and Purple Heart. Paul has been married to Paula for 33 years. They have one son, Sean (28)
Paul was in law enforcement for 34 years and his highest rank was Assistant Chief of Police. Paul enjoys Golf, golf, golf, golf, golf! Paul writes that “this page isn’t big enough” to list all of his travels, volunteer work, community involvement and interesting life experiences.
Paul remembers playing Hearts at Fritz’s house with Bruce Heppa and Tom Heflin. Paul recalls growing up on Island Road next door to Carole Dembia and across the street from Frances Bloomer. Paul’s “words of wisdom” for his classmates is “Life is short. This ain't no dress rehearsal. I don't think we are practicing for anything, so live large!” Updated 7/2013.

Rose Zukoski-Werner
P.O.Box 156
Vailsgate N.Y. 12584

Bernadette Zukowski-Speulda
584 Paula Ray Lane
Buellton, CA 93427

I have been married to Bill for 47 years, we have 2 children (age 45 and 42),8 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren. I am a retired Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent of a rural public elementary school. I enjoy art (pastels & watercolors), walking (no jogging for me...ugh!) boating, biking, and interior decorating (love the HGTV channel).
We have traveled within the states and love just taking in the scenery of various environments. Hawaii is next on our "bucket list." I have been babysitting our great-grandchildren 3 days a week while their Mom is going through a nursing program and their Dad works.
Having lived on the East coast, and then on the West coast has, I believe, provided wholesome, well-rounded life experiences for our entire family. Bernadette’s words of wisdom are: “Be happy, be flexible, and don't dwell on things you cannot control.” Updated 8/18/2013

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Richard Ryan
1-09 Hartley Pl.
Fair Lawn NJ 07401

This picture was taken at the Class of '62's Sunday Brunch in Saddle River June of 2012. Mr. Ryan for those who don't recall, (pictured above center) taught 5th grade for some of the Allendale alumni. He is 80 years old and is enjoying a quiet retirement after 38 years of teaching at Brookside Elementry. He enjoys correspondence the old fashion way. So, If anyone remembers him and still remembers how to use a pen and paper, please take a moment to jot him a few lines, or pages, he truly enjoys hearing from his students. dated: July 1,2013


Ron Jeker and Mr. Modisett September 7, 2013
One of those 'small world' moments Ron and his wife Bev
were visiting Bev's Mom in a Nursing home in Florida in when Ron
happened to notice a plaque with Mr. M's name with MHS 1960-1966
They had a nice visit and Ron filled him in on our upcoming reunion.

Robert J Dierman
3363 Fairlane Ave
Columbus, NE 68601
(402) 564-9086

Ticknor Litchfield
323 Valley View
Pompton Lake NJ 07444

David R Brush
1290 River Chase Ln
Charlottesville, VA 22901
(434) 964-0293

Mr. Herold


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