Pal's was sold 1993 and is now located in Cascade, Michigan, a suburb of Grand Rapids.

: Pal's Diner Reborn! Those of us who have fond memories of Pal's Diner will be glad to know it's alive and well
and reborn in Grand Rapids, Michigan. An issue of American Motorcyclist magazine has an article on diners
located in the Midwest. Motorcycles and good road food go great together. There is a paragraph or so about
Pal's, as well as a picture of the front of the diner. They mention that before it was moved and renovated, the
diner sat in Mahwah, N.J. since it was built in the early '50s. No mention, however, of "Dirty Dick" Morgan,
Jumbo, Joe, Pickles or John DeZurney part of the main cast of characters during the '60s. Wonder if they still
have those great peach turnovers...?
Gloria Klaschka Abrams Pease writes. While working as a hairdresser in Tallman NY in 1981, one of my
customers was talking about her brother "Pickles". I asked her by chance could her "Pickles" be OUR Pickles?
Sure enough, he was one and the same! After work I drove to his home and had a lovely visit with him. He
was my favorite of all the 'pals' at 'Pal's!

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